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It's been ages since I've discussed Doctor Who, but I have kept up with season/series seven of the show. I'll give some brief thoughts about episodes three-six and than discuss episode seven.

last three Pond episodes. . .until the 50 year union special )

I would say that I liked the first, fourth, and fifth episodes of the first half of S7. I didn't love any of them, but they were enjoyable and Matt, Karen, and Arthur had great chemistry. Plus, Amy/Rory will always be one of my OTPs for Doctor Who.

Now, let us discuss the Christmas Special: "The Snowmen" aka episode 7.6.

Sir Ian McKellen is in it! )

Now we have "The Bells of Saint John" aka episode seven of series seven.

I already ship Clara/Eleven. I'm doomed )

I honestly think that Matt and Jenna have amazing chemistry and play really well off one another. I just wish someone else was in charge of their overall story. I just have a horrible feeling that Moffat will screw it up in favor of River Song or a dramatic ending or something. So help me, I'm 'shipping Eleven/Clara.

This series has been extra long, and it really does feel like we're just getting to know Clara. And explore the new dynamic between the Eleventh Doctor and his very mysterious Companion.

Today I'll be voicing my thoughts on episodes seven, eight, nine, and ten. S7 is 13 episodes, btw.

The Rings of Akhaten )

Cold War )

Hide )

journey to the centre of the TARDIS )

So, what do we have to look forward to during the next three episodes?

Spoilers for rest of S7 )
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Excited for January? I am! Below you will find my thoughts on episode two-nine of season two of Once Upon a Time.

Episode Two aka Rumpel plays the long game )

Episode Three aka It's Just Filler )

Episode Four aka Tick tock goes the croc )

Episode Five aka Regina's redemption story has issues )

Episode Six aka Emma's hipster glasses are fooling no one )

Episode Seven aka More Filler )

Episode Eight aka Whose the Evilest One? )

Episode Nine aka I Was Underwhelmed )

I wrote these as the episodes aired (and posted them on LJ), so I know we have answers to a lot of the questions I asked. Still - thought I'd share my thoughts.
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My show is back! And boy did it ever come back with a bang. Questions were answered and new questions came. I really enjoyed it. On to my thoughts. (Spoilers!!)

Twenty eight years )
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Mmm. . .on the one hand this finale was a bit anticlimactic. I believe a lot of it was rushed and almost wish it was a two hour (aka 70 min with ads) finale. On the other hand so many things were answers/resolved. I spent the last few episodes (since roughly "Hat Trick") screaming for certain things to happen, so the fact that they finally did happen made me very happy. Overall I really enjoyed the finale. But, before I give my thoughts: The producers are dirty dirty liars who lie. However, their dirty lies make me happy.

True love's kiss )

Overall, I think this show has a slow start up. Honestly I didn't really love it until around episode 12. The second half of the season was amazing, though. (Even if the MM/David story line and Emma's attitude annoyed me at times.) I am really looking forward to S2.

Also - the DVD and Blu-ray will be released in late August (28th). Price: DVD $45.99, Blu-ray $79.99. The Blu-ray is set to have a ton of extras, as is the DVD. Including deleted scenes, cast interviews about characters and childhood memories of fairy tales, a little documentary about creating their versions of characters, bloopers, and much more.
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Well, this episode was certainly something, wasn't it? Lots going on and more things (finally!) explained. And then it ended. And that preview! Oh, why can't it be the 13th now? I'm so hoping the season finale gets leaked early.

apple red as blood )
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Once Upon a Time is back! And with a Rumpelstiltskin episode, too. Brilliant.

Is this about the rent? )
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Some thoughts on the season premier of A Game of Thrones.

yup )
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Being Human 4.06 and Once Upon a Time 1x15

Allison is spelled with two )

Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? )

So - what do you guys think? Did you enjoy "Puppy Love" and/or "Red-Handed"?

Being Human 4x07 and Once Upon a Time 1x16

Red is a badass )

The Old Ones Are Here )

Being Human 4x08 and Once Upon a Time 1x17

Off with his head )

Annie is badass )

Overall, I really liked S4 of Being Human. It must not have been easy, losing all but one of their four leads. But, they brought the new characters in beautifully and I really enjoy them. The series/season four story arcs were brilliant, and I love that this season/series (like S1 and S3) had a great mix of humor, heart, and angst. I look forward to seeing a S5.
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Another Sunday, another posts about my two favorite shows. I watched Once with my sister this week, and she had the best thing to say about it: "I don't know if it's me, the fairy dust, the egg, or you - but, this is love." lol. Anyway. . .

From Dreamy to Grumpy in under 40 )

Adam's Back! )
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Due to the Oscars, only Being Human aired this week. But, that won't stop me from sharing a few random Once Upon a Time thoughts with all of you. As always, there are spoilers.

You've never had a birthday cake? )

random Once thoughts )
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Another Sunday, another night of shows.

Being Human is still finding itself, or rather its new style. They have a solid arc going with the 'war child' thing and with the new housemates finding their way with one another. After last week's brilliant episode, Once Upon a Time slowed things down with another Charming/Snow (MM/David) episode. Truthfully, I find it a bit hard to worry about Charming in fairy tale land, because I already know he gets a semi-happy ending.

Spoiler Thoughts )
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Title: Karaoke Soul
Song: Karaoke Soul by Tom McRae
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 1:09 minutes. WMV format. 8.20MB
Theme: A look at the love and angst that was shown in Once Upon A Time's 12th episode.
WARNING: Spoilers for episode 12, "Skin Deep" only
Vidder's Note: I am in love with this video. I'm in love with this couple. Please comment!


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Sunday is shaping up to be my day of the week. Two dramas that I really enjoy play on this day: Once Upon a Time and Being Human. This week saw two awesome episodes of these dramas. Actually, I would say that "Skin Deep" is (so far) the best episode of Once. Though, "1955" wasn't as strong as "Eve of War", it was still a solid episode.

Under the cut you'll find some spoiler-filled thoughts and a gif or two.

True Love )

Now, about "1955"

Annie and Tom get visitors )

My thoughts and new OTP may not be something you agree with, but

no regrets
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I was quite surprised to see that the fourth series of Being Human had started this week. And to such little fanfare on the BH groups at LJ.

We start off the new series a month or so after the end of series three. Nina and George's baby has been born and the Old Ones are heading toward Europe.

for detailed summary with spoilers )

So. . .I loved it. I think the writing is still brilliant, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new characters bring to the table. And we have a huge mysterious story line with the baby and what we saw in the future. I can't wait to see how series four pans out.

Promos for

Jan. 31st, 2012 08:32 pm
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stuff I'm really looking forward to watching. I'm bored, so I thought I'd share promos for shows and, upcoming episodes of shows, that I'm looking forward to.

lots of awesome )
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I have just finished episode three of What's Up? and I am officially in love with the drama and its characters.

I looked up some of the actors and actresses in the show and was really surprised to find that, for many of them, What's Up?, was their first or second role in a drama. I can really see these people going far in the entertainment business. This was Jo Jung Suk (Byung Gun), Kang Dae Sung (Do Sung), and Kim Ji Won (Tae Hee)first roles in dramas. And only the second or third drama roles for Im Joo Eun (Doo Ri) and Lee Soo Hyuk (Soo Bin). Honestly, I'm very surprised by that, because they are all amazing in their roles.

After finishing the third episode, I have decided two things:

- Byung Gun is the most adorkable and loveable character in Korean drama history. I really want him to get over his stage fright and become a huge musical star.
- I will 'ship Tae Hee and Jae Hun now and until the end of the drama. They are just so cute together. She makes him relax and smile!

Other spoiler-filled thoughts on the episode and characters )

So yes, I'm still in love with this drama. Why aren't you watching it?!
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I've just finished the Korean drama Spy Myung Wol. It was a drama with many behind the scenes issues. It was a drama that changed its tone from "spy rom-com" to "melodrama-comedy-romance". SMW could have been a hot-mess, and indeed, it had its weaknesses. But, for all it's faults - and it had some - it was an enjoyable drama. The leads (all four) had wonderful chemistry and that came through.

More spoiler-filled thoughts )

Finally: I'm glad I watched this drama. Yes, it had plot-holes and it had some (okay, a lot of) issues, and the last three episodes dragged - but it was still very enjoyable. I really loved it and I loved the chemistry between Eric and HYS. Overall, I would rec this drama to any fans of the four leads and to fans of rom-coms or darker rom-comes.

I give this drama a 7.5/10. Or a B-.
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Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei continues to be a fantastic wuxia drama. It has everything a good wuxia should have: brilliant heroes and heroines; villains that are this close to being neither nightmare fuel or cartoons; ust; family that isn't blood related; and - pretty things (people and scenery). Like most wuxia stories, there are underlying storylines that take place throughout the series; but, most of the storylines are small "missions" that take place over 3-4 episodes.

What I really love about this drama is the characters; the family relationships they've built with one another. Before the start of the series, all four of them were loners; now, I can't picture one without the other three nearby. Ge Xiao and Hu are brothers; Xiao Mei has brothers in Ge Xiao and Hu and a sister in San Niang; and San Niang has brothers in Hu and Xiao Mei. As for Ge Xiao and San Niang, well that's a bit more complicated. (They are so an OTP, without yet being one.)

The side characters are also fairly interesting. There's Ying Wu Qiu, an old friend of Ge Xiao, and now a foe. Tutor, an old teacher of Ge Xiao, who helps the gang when they need it. And, of course, every "mission" has its own characters - usually from one of the gang's past. FYI: the missions range from awesome to slightly boring.

Spoil Videos to Tempt You )
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Five episodes in, and Soredemo Ikite Yuku continues to be the best drama you aren't watching. It is by far one of the best Japanese series I've seen in a while; true human drama at its best.

The drama stars Eita as Hiroki, a 29 year old man, whose still haunted by the murder of his sister. His seven year old sister was killed fifteen years ago - by his good friend. One day Hiroki meets Futaba Toyama, the younger sister of the murderer. Despite everything, the two form a bond form between them.

The drama also deals with the two families, and the way they have/have not dealt with the murder for the last fifteen years.

And it is awesome. . .

So emotional and so real )

To put it mildly, this show is brilliant. The cast is acting their asses off. The writer knows how to write real human relationships; especially when there are real social issues coming up. (The writer has written amazing shows: Mother, Taiyou to Umi no Kyoushitsu, Watashitachi no Kyokasho, and Itoshi Kimi e. The cinematography is gorgeous; it's one of the prettiest shows ever. And, the music - the theme song has this hopeful feeling to it, that stick with you.

Basically: at the start, the show seemed like it would be all about angst. But, there is hope in it. If anything, it has a bittersweet feeling about it. So, if you aren't watching it - why aren't you watching it. Go download or stream it now. You won't regret it.


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