Nov. 12th, 2010

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For the three or four people on my f-list that are watching this brilliant show:

I think we all saw this coming. Major angst ahead for both our couples. :(
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Roosevelt, Truman, Carter, Clinton, and Obama (Muslim) communist? He's confusing my poor 79-year-old grandmother with his rants. Mmm. . .what do these men have in common? They're of the Democratic party! And, my father thinks: "Democratics are the Devil. I'm never voting for one again. Barry, oh, I mean Obama is the anti-Christ."

You can hate Obama as a President, I don't care. You can be angry at the Democratic Party, that's cool. Because, I do understand that times are hard everywhere - around the world. I understand that Obama inherited an f'ed up country from Bush, and no matter what he does people will be disappointed. But, to call a bunch of people Communist because they did things you (now) disagree with and because they belong to a party (which you were apart of for years but now) hate. . .is childish and insane.

My father calls everyone he dislikes a "Liberal Communist", and frankly it's getting old - fast. We were talking about his last doctor visit and he starts in with this mess? Please stop. My dad used to be cool. Now he's an overly conservative, preachy, racist, homophobic, Tea-Party member, who thinks all Muslims are evil and believes the President is out to make "white slavery" a reality. I just. . .have no words.

I think I need to go re-watch some happy dramas to calm me down.


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