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I bring the first of two end of the year videos. This one only used dramas/films that aired/that I watched in 2011.

Title: Better Than Love
Song: Better Than Love by HURTS
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 3:39 minutes. WMV format. 28.11 MB
Theme: A look at some of my favorites of 2011.
WARNING: Spoilers for all shows!
Vidder's Note: This video took forever, and I'm not sure I'm totally happy with it. But, I hope its enjoyed. And that the timing isn't messed up.



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I thought I'd give everyone (including myself) an update on what I'm watching. Since most of the series are half-way over, I thought it would also be a good time to discuss how I'm liking and disliking about the shows and where I think/hope they are going. (Spoiler Warnings for the drama!)

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After watching episodes three and four of Romance Town, it strikes me that money - and how characters view it - will play a large part in the storyline. Characters that come across as good and pure suddenly become selfish when money (even a little amount) enters the picture. Meanwhile, characters you think are free spending rich kids are really all about saving people with their money. Its fairly interesting.

Some thoughts on characters and their reactions to cash )

Meanwhile, I think I'm shipping the wrong couple - Soon Geum and Gun Woo have had their share of cute moments, but I'm not feeling it just yet. He's always annoyed or angry with her - Jung Gyu Woon seems to always be yelling his lines. Meanwhile, Sung Yu Ri and Kim Min Joon have really wonderful chemistry and I love the interactions between their two characters. Soon Geum grew up poor, as did Young Hee; they have things in common. He teases her and she seems to enjoy her time around him. They're cute. I'm wrong shipping! I'm sure it will all end with Soon Geum/Gun Woo and Young Hee/Da Kyum. . .but, until Gun Woo goes back to being a sweet man and until Da Kyum matures - I'm going with Young Hee and Soon Geum.
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I know much of my flist is still working their way toward Romance Town. But, there are a few things I wanted to talk about. One thing is that I think its really a good move to have the whole show more or less take place on one street and focus more or less on the four families and their housekeepers. I love that every night all the housekeepers get together in ones rooms (they take turns) to play Go Stop and gossip about their employers. My favorite bit: "Does the President sleep with the wife or the mistress?" Every week the housekeepers get together to buy a lotto ticket and that is where things get interesting.

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Also, some people are getting confused about which housekeeper belongs to which house and whose who. Thankfully a kind person at dramabeans wrote it all out for us.

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