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Can You Hear My Heart? is a thirty episode Saturday/Sunday family/romance drama. On the surface it's a story of birth secrets, revenge, and family. But, at its heart its a love story between two people: a man who went deaf during his childhood and a woman who is searching for her missing stepbrother.

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I've watched the first four episodes with subtitles. It mostly dealt with the main characters as children and laid out all the birth secrets. You really should watch them to understand the remaining episodes. It's an interesting show in that you do know, more or less, who you need to be rooting for and/or against. It's a simple show, but an enjoyable one.

Moon Hee Jung is the writer, and he/she has written other human dramas, so she/he knows how to deal with family and human issues. I've enjoyed several of this writers past projects (Last Scandal, Tree of Heaven, and Smile, You), all of which dealt with family and romances. My one issue with Moon Hee Jung is that he/she tends to have favorite characters that end up with more screen time, so other storylines get ignored or forgotten about half-way through the series. Still, Moon Hee Jung knows how to write good family scenes.

Overall, I would rec this drama to my friend-list, especially if you've enjoyed the writers other works. The drama has a fresh feel to it, and I think it will be a fun watch. It's not a melodrama (yet), but he has some tense moments. Yet, it also has some lovely family moments and some great moments of humor. Watch it.
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I don't talk about it much here, but I'm a big manga reader. I read my first manga in the 10th grade or so. My parents, sisters, and I were at the bookstore and my younger sister found a manga she wanted. My mom agreed to buy the manga and asked me if I wanted a "comic" too. I agreed. Looking through the shelves I spotted volume one of Chobits and thought the cover was pretty. After that, well. . .I was hooked. Over the years I've read several mangas by many authors and I've gone so far as to collect a few series.

I've been following a few series for the last couple of years and now I've found that all but two of my series are ending soon. I'm in a manga mood and I know a few of my f-listers read manga/manhwa regularly, so I thought I'd ask for recs. To make things easy, I'm including a list of mangas I own or read and some brief thoughts on them.

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I think I ended up giving reviews of the mangas toward the end, so I'm sorry about that.

I was at Borders the other day and knowing that after August I'd only have three or four mangas to read - two of which as slowly being put out for different reasons - I decided to pick up something new. Plus, the Borders I was at has manhwa and I've wanted to try one for a long while. I picked up volumes one and two of The Bride of the Water God, due to the awesome reviews it's gotten. I also picked up volume one of Dengeki Daisy, because. . .well. . .the cover was pretty. (Yes, I am shallow)

I do believe now is a good time to get into a new series or two because all the companies are starting new mangas and manhwas this summer. There are a lot of volume ones on the shelves at the bookstores. My only question is: what should I try?
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Because I couple of people on my flist are wondering what asian drama to watch next, I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

Firstly, I’d like to start with dramas and films from Taiwan and Mainland China. I will be honest and say I haven’t watched many. Mostly because Taiwan dramas tend to be idol dramas – full of clichés and singers (some of which can’t act.) And mainland China loves its wuxia dramas – those always seem to have the same main character, a guy that starts off as an idiot, but becomes a hero. However, there were some dramas and films that I watched, loved, and just have to rec.

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Oh, and I'd love some recs back. Especially of the wuxia and romance kind. And yes, I have seen Romantic Princess, Why Why Love and both It Started With a Kiss series. And no, I don't want to see Love Contract.


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