Dec. 21st, 2010

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Gloria's 37th and 38th episodes really brought home one simple fact: KS/JJ and DA/YS are two couples that are meant to be. There is no doubt about that. Both couples had some major break through this week. There were a couple of game changers. And, I've decided something: Creepy must die. Jail is too good for him.

YS and DA - don't say that! )

Mary continues to be a light, fun, drama. That's developing a crack habit. It's rather underdeveloped in terms of plot and characters; but, I've watched so many angsty dramas over the last six months, so it's refreshing to watch a romantic comedy that is a bit cracky and comic-like. I have to admit that episodes nine and ten were hard to get through, but I'm enjoying the new writer.

I feel a bit sorry for her, though. She was hired and given a week to start writing episodes 11 and 12. I think the Goong writer left a lot of crap for the new writer to deal with and work out. I mean, episode ten ended with MG telling JI they should make the contract real. Oy! How do you fix that? You can't. So, you just start throwing things around and trying to find something that sticks. I think, for what she's been given, the new writer is doing a decent job. The drama has upped the pace, and characters like JI have been given personalities. Plus, the creepiness of JI's dad is being shown; while all the characters are standing up to their parents more.

Granted, she's falling back on a lot of cliches, but with only a hand-full of episodes left: I don't mind. I'll finish it, because I love the chemistry been the two leads; even between JI and MG and JI/MR. I'd love to see them all work together again. Maybe in a story that, um, makes more sense. (Of course, the original source material didn't make much sense. I can't totally blame the writers for that.)

I will be honest and say I miss the fun and off-beatness of the first five or so episodes (I miss drunken-fun MG! I miss drama-loving MR!), but I do enjoy the craziness of the last few episodes. And, it seems like the actors are all having a lot of fun - something I think a couple of them needed after their last angsty projects. Like them, I really just needed a fun drama. I've overloaded on angst, and while I love angst - however, it can get to be a bit much. (Still, with episodes 14's ending - looks like unneeded angst is headed my way next week. :( ) Can I not escape the angst?!

I guess what I'm saying is that Mary is fun. Yes, it's not a very well plotted drama, but I never really cared about anyone but MR/MG anyway. Why? Because the first writer never bothered to develop anyone outside of them or any real conflicts outside the marriage thing. What happened to MR wanting to go back to school? Or MG's whole indie vs. cooperate music thing? And why is SJ only getting a back-story now (and not even a very good one, at that?)? Or JI and his business stuff?

Look, it's not making my Top Five List for Best Drama of 2010. But MG/MR are making my Top Five List for Best Couple of 2010. And, I really want the two actors to work together again, because they have wonderful chemistry. Oh, and can JI's actor please get a lead role for his next drama project?


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