Dec. 19th, 2010

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I really should be in bed, but I was just looking at dramawiki and it says Gloria is 46 episodes. Now, this was only in the ratings part, and not the front page. However, it has me a bit worried. Granted, the writer could work around a missing four episodes. But - will there be time to get everything cleared up in just eight episodes? The writer is good, and I'm sure he/she could fix it all up (I'm assuming that the staff already knows about the cut), but. . .yeah.

I haven't heard anything about a cut, but it could happen. Dandelion Family, the drama that aired before Gloria did very poorly in the ratings - until the last ten episodes, where it rose to the 11-13% range. Creating Destiny, which aired before Dandelion, was cut to thirty-one episodes after it began falling into the 6-5% range. (Before that was Tamra, which also had an episode cut and before that Good Job, Good Job, which was cut by ten episodes - it average 9.2% by the end.)

Frankly, if there is a cut, I blame the numerous breaks that were taken in order to show sporting events. The ratings were steadily hanging around the 8-10% range before all the breaks and one episode a week stuff.

Now, granted I don't know if the number of episodes has been cut, and as I said the writer is good enough to get everything finished in time. It's just that, as of now, I wouldn't be surprised. The ratings are falling, and the other dramas in this time slot have been cut short. This is MBC, a station that has (lately) been having a ball cutting their "failing" series short. (Remember Mischievous Kiss? That was supposed to be 20 episodes, and was cut to 16 due to low ratings. Only, it became an internet hit, so they did the youtube "special episodes".)

Of course, it's two-thirty in the morning, and I may just be thinking too much.


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