Sep. 13th, 2010

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Mary Stayed Out All Night is an internet comic by Won Su-Yeon, of Full House fame. The story is described as a romantic comedy and is:

The story of Mary Wei (Moon Geun-Young), a young and stubborn woman with little dating experience. Her life changes suddenly when she meets tough rocker Kang Mu-Kyul (Jang Geun-Suk). The two begin dating (and may enter a contract marriage?). But, things get more complicated when Byun Jung-In, a handsome and seemingly perfect chaebol enters the picture. - by me, with info from Asianwiki and Dramabeans

Details are a bit all over the place because the drama is being tweaked in much the same way Full House was. (For those that don't know, the Full House comic took place in England, and the lead was an English actor, not Korean.)For this drama, My-Kyul is apparently going to be more 'indie' rock and more of a 'free-spirit'. According to Dramabeans: or 100 days, Mary will have an “imaginary marriage” (as in simulated) with both guys; the exact circumstances remain unclear.

The drama is being written by In Eun-ah, who wrote Goong, this gives me hope, because that was a well-written drama, that was also based on a comic. But, I'm still a bit worried.

I love Moon Geun-Young, and I do think she is one of the best Korean actress in her age range (she's a '87'er, making her 23); however she's mostly done drama roles. You see, Moon is trying to give up her "little sister" image, and has taken on more dramatic roles of late - which she has been highly praised for -, but if you look back at her acting history, she really has done mostly drama. Love Me Not, A Tale of Two Sisters, Cinderella's Sister, The Painter of Wind, Empress Myseongseong, the new play Closer, were all pieces she was praised for, and all were dramas. Of course, she also did My Little Bride and some family dramas back in her younger dramas, and those had some humor in them. MLB was a romantic comedy and even a hit. I'm just a little worried, because while I love Moon and found her adorable in the romantic comedy My Little Bride and even the romantic dramedy Innocent Steps, I still know that it's harder to do comedy than it is to do drama.

Then there's Jang Geun-Suk. In Hong Gil Dong he went from nearly wooden to 'alright' - sadly, his co-stars outshone him, and his character wasn't that well written at times. In You're Beautiful, I think he did the best he could, but didn't have much to work with toward the end of the series. While the Hong sisters wanted to parody the "Idol" set, I think they were also scared to go to far, and then there was all that unneeded drama, and well. . .Jang worked with what he had and did the best he could. I know he has a lot of comedic talent: he was wonderful in Baby and Me, where he played a rebellious high school student who finds himself the father of an abandoned baby. (Yes, it was a comedy.) Basically, I like him and think he does well when given a good script. So, if he has something to work with, he'll do okay.

As for chemistry, well, Moon could have chemistry with a rock and Jang always does well with his leading ladies, so I'm not worried. I'm actually looking forward to this one. It starts in November, after Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


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