Mar. 28th, 2010

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The Personal Preference ten minute trailer is out. I think it has scenes from the first two episodes. For those that don't know - Personal Preference is a new Korean romantic-comedy drama that will start on March 31st. It stars Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin, both are back after a bit of a break from dramas; Lee Min Ho was in Boys Before Flowers in 2009 and Son Ye Jin was in the often forgotten Spotlight in 2008.

Personal Preference is based on a novel. The set up is fairly basic: Son Ye Jin's character gets dumped, so she decides that men are nothing but trouble. Therefore, she wants a gay roommate, who can do all the manly things around the house but who will also be her friend - no sexual issues. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho's character is a very uptight guy who keeps running into Son Ye Jin's character. Through several misunderstandings, she ends up thinking he's gay. And, when they both need a new place to live, they move in together.

From the trailer, it looks fluffy. It actually has the Coffee Prince vibe. Personally, I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Because, CP started out really fun, but by episode ten or so, it was dragging - a lot The trouble is Korean novels seems to be fairly short (usually less then 200 pages) and they have really basic plot-lines. So, to stretch that out over sixteen hours. . .things tend to start getting repetitive. With CP, there was a lot of dragging and unneeded angst. I can see PP headed that way as well.

For some reason, I can't figure out how to embed from youtube, so here's the link.

Well, I'm going to check out the first four episodes and see where the show goes. I think it could be a hit - people tend to like these kinds of romantic-comedy dramas and LMH has his fanbase. So, we'll see where it goes. Either way - my prediction is that the ratings will be in the high teens/low twenties for the show's run.


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