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The lovely website tvtropes is often a time suck. And by that I mean you can spend hours on it and not even noticed that you've wasted half your day. There is also a lovely thing on Tumblr, where you find tropes to describe your favorite fictional characters and make a picture/gif set with them. I thought I'd try it with my stories.

First up: Douglas Andrews from Surely Someday. Come get to know (and see!) him.


Full Name: Douglas Edward Andrews
Date of Birth: July 2nd, 1975
Wife (deceased)
Unborn Child (deceased)
Liam Francis Andrews (brother;alive)
Occupation: Janitor


Platonic Life Partners: with Maggie. Though it is slightly hinted in his prequel that he may have (partly) taken her to replace his wife, over the last 12 years this have played out differently.
Bookworm Badass: He reads. . . a lot. And he's fairly badass: having kept Maggie and Simon safe for several years. But also - he stood up to Vampire Warren.
The Lost Lenore: His dead wife. She died, he went looking for 'what comes next?' answers from Maggie (who couldn't answer them). He still keeps her picture in his wallet.
Angst? What Angst: He'd much rather do his job than think about anything bad that happens.
I Uh You Too: Can't seem to say that 'L' word.
The Caretaker: Toward Maggie for 12 years now. Though, he seems to be regretting things to some degree.
Former Teen Rebel: Went into his 20s. Was the 'black sheep' of his family.
Spot of Tea: Always gets tea while on his dates with Henry.
Last Name Basis: Even Henry (his semi-girlfriend) calls him Andrews. Only Maggie calls him Douglas.
I Gave My Word: His choice to become Maggie's Keeper was quick. He didn't think about what it really meant or what would happen after. Now he's thinking about it. And while a part of him longs for a normal life. . .he told Maggie he'd take care of her. He may be lacking at this point, but he won't leave her.


Andrews thanks you for your time.


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