Jul. 9th, 2010

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Apparently so. I didn't even hear about this, but it's true. The SP was released May 22, but it isn't uploaded anywhere, which makes me think the SP flew under the radar. The summary:

Shibata Taketora (Koike Teppei) goes to meet Hosho Mitsuki (Ohgo Suzuka), a female high school student who was arrested as the ringleader of the ‘Kishin case’ and placed in a juvenile corrective institution. Mitsuki is scheduled to for release a week later. At the same moment, Fujiki Kojiro (Fujiki Naohito) and Shirobuta (Tsukaji Muga) have already begun preparations to welcome Mitsuki at the second-hand clothes shop … Meanwhile, a bomb attack using a distinctive time bomb occurs, and many people are killed and wounded. Shibata is partnered with the Assistant Inspector Kirino Yayoi (Kato Ai) from the First Investigative Division of the prefectural police to investigate the case. Before long, a prisoner called Igarashi Gento (Mizobata Junpei) emerges as a suspect through the type of bomb used. Igarashi had bombed a university hospital five years ago and was sentenced to a juvenile corrective institution for the death of eleven people. However, he claims that someone is trying to frame him for this incident and says he will show the evidence. Shibata, who is the only person to believe Igarashi’s words, takes him out and runs away … - asianuniverse.net

Now, if only I could find it. . .


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