Jul. 6th, 2010

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I've been reading about the Jdramas that are coming out this summer. The last two or three J-drama seasons have been very disappointing to me, so I really want something that will be great to watch. I think I've found the drama for me:

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku

It stars Matsumoto Jun (26) and Takeuchi Yuko (30) as a couple who meet and fall in love. It will be written by Mika Omori (Buzzer Beat [which I disliked]; My Boss, My Hero [Which I enjoyed]; Long Love Letter [Which I adored]; etc)

In the show, Matsumoto plays a struggling actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor. The character is described as being "tsundere," a term referring to people who are normally cold in personality but become overly fawning when they are around their love interest. In this case, that love interest is an older woman being played by Takeuchi, whose character is said to be spirited, but also mysterious due to certain circumstances. - Tokyograph

I'm looking forward to this drama, because I love Takeuchi Yuko - she's just lovely. I've always like Matsumoto's acting, but his shows have always been hit or miss for me. The writer has also been hit or miss for me, and the truth is the 'love story' stuff in Omori's dramas almost always feel uneven or overly cliched; but, their chemistry in the CM looks amazing.

My one odd thought: people are saying Takeuchi Yuko seems like a "cougar" in the promos. Sometimes I don't think fans realize that Matsumoto will be 27 next month; and Takeuchi is 30 - hardly a "cougar".


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