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I bring the first of two end of the year videos. This one only used dramas/films that aired/that I watched in 2011.

Title: Better Than Love
Song: Better Than Love by HURTS
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 3:39 minutes. WMV format. 28.11 MB
Theme: A look at some of my favorites of 2011.
WARNING: Spoilers for all shows!
Vidder's Note: This video took forever, and I'm not sure I'm totally happy with it. But, I hope its enjoyed. And that the timing isn't messed up.



dramas used )
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Because I was in the mood for major angst.

Title: Please Don't Go
Song: Please Don't Go by Barcelona
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 26.07MB. WMV format. 3:58 minutes.
Theme: A look at some angsty couples or situations in several Asian films and dramas.
WARNING: Spoilers for everything!
Vidder's Note: Dramas and Films used: Cinderella's Unni, Gloria,Snow Queen, I'm Sorry I Love You, Rabbit and Lizard, Tree of Heaven, Zeni Geba, Love Shuffle, Pride, Honey and Clover, Utahime, Taisetsu na Koto, Love Me Not, Giant, and Fly Up


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Megaupload (download)
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Title: Seasons of Love
Song: Seasons of Love by RENT cast
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 33.45 MB. WMV format. 3:51 minutes
Theme: A look at several dramas (and a couple of films)that aired in 2010.
WARNING: Spoilers for the shows and films!
Vidder's Note: I decided to make this two days ago. I heard the song, and thought it fit very well with the 'end of the year' theme. I thought about it for a long moment and decided to use only dramas and films that came out (or were subbed) in 2010. I focused not only on the romance, but also on the family, friendships, and growth of the characters. This is my Christmas/New Years gift to my Asian-drama lovin' f-list! Also, say tuned at the end, for a very special Outro!



Dramas Used )

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Giant ended today and I'd like to briefly mention the Miju/MW stuff. These two suffered a lot of angst in recent episodes, but at the end )

Overall, I think the show had a lot of issues toward the end of its run. But, overall it wasn't a terrible show. The writer spent too much time on political and business matters and stretched too many storylines to the point of frustration, but it wasn't a bad show. I give it a 7.5/10.

As for Mary Stayed Out All Night - episode nine really was brilliant. MG/MR are the cutest things in the world. ) And, we have an OTP interloper. I have to say this - my feelings on Secondarys are never wrong )

Back to studying for finals.
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My finals for this semester are next week! Well, only Thursday. (One final - on three chapters!) And that means its time to get back into fandom stuff. Such as fics (yes, Baby Nobuta-Akria will be born. . .someday) and fanvids.

I normally don't vid a series until it is completely finished, but I'm watching somethings right now and I can't wait to vid them. One is Gloria - it's a long one, so I'm thinking of vidding something with the first twelve episodes, then something with episodes twelve through twenty-four, etc, etc. Basically a video for every twelve-thirteen episodes. I'm also thinking of making a video for Mary Stayed Out All Night's first nine or ten episodes, and later doing another video to cover episodes eleven-sixteen.

That's where you guys come in. Looking back at my other vids, I noticed that most of them have angsty undertones. I want to do something cheerful for Mary, but can't think of a song. I only use English language songs, because I like to follow the lyrics. So, anyone have any ideas? As for Gloria (and indeed Giant pre-craziness - think MW/Miju's early interactions and the early angst, where it looked hopeful) - well, I have some ideas. But, I'm willing to take requests.

Basically - I want to fanvid, and need a bit of a push. Thanks to anyone who responds. I just need some English language songs and maybe a request or two.
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I give up. I'll watch next week's episodes RAW, but I doubt I'll finish the series with softsubs. To say the writer, Jang Young Chul, dropped the ball with this drama is an complete and utter understatement. This series started off with so much intrigue, romance, family love, hope, and drama. It's turn into this big business and political thing. I DON'T care about the business dealings of the characters. Wasn't this supposed to be a revenge story? Why is it 1992 (as of episode 58) and there is still no revenge? That's over 15 years the Lee brothers have spent trying to get revenge - and failing.

As if that weren't enough, the characters have become mere shadows of their former-selves. And many of their storylines have been rushed or all but forgotten. In fact, some characters have gone missing without a word. Where did they go? Was it said in passing? Did I FF a scene and miss their goodbye? I just. . .

I must go on )

I have to say it: Giant is the biggest disappointment of 2010 for me. It started off as an awesome revenge story full of love and redemption and its become. . .a hot mess full of shady business deals, one-dimensional characters, unneeded angst, and plotholes I could drive a school bus through. I'm so disappointed and will pretend the show ended about 20 episodes ago. MW/Miju become engaged and live happily, KM and MW start their own business, KM/JY marry, SM meets his junior at the local whatever, PY dies in a horrible car crash after MW cuts ties with him, etc, etc.
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- We have achieved jealously! MK is so jealous he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's so angry that he's yelling at people and losing his cool. I find it oddly sexy. And that ending! I'm so glad we don't have to wait until week to find out what happens next.

In other news: all three parents piss me off. MK's mom is immature and selfish. MR's dad is immature and an idiot. JI's dad is creepy and emotionally/mentally abusive. It makes me wonder about SJ's parents.

After six episodes, I've decided the show's strength is the MK/MR stuff. I love that in any other drama, JI would be the Hero - with his aloofness and coldness and richness. And MK would be the artist/musician Bohemian Secondary Lead; the guy MR would lean on, but ultimately dump/break his heart. But not here! Here it's the other way around. I love that! I was thinking about something as well in regard to the idea that MR would start to ) Because, honestly, you may love and root for Min-woo or Kang Suk or Joo Won or In Soo or whoever - but, would you really want to deal with their issues and BS for the rest of your life? Would you want to attend their therapy sessions and calm them down when they get too serious or upset or claustrophobic? I think not.

As for Giant - I can't believe there are only three episodes left. It's so great to know (thanks to an ann. comment) that MW/Miju are THE couple the Korean fans care about. It's no wonder the writer is milking the angst for all its worth. But, seriously, it's time for that to end. I won't go into it, as I've harped on it enough.
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Because Asian dramas and films are full of angst and hope. The dramas and films used: (in order of appearance): Orange Days, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Love Me Not, Gloria, Giant, Guilty, Cinderella's Unni, A Moment to Remember, Dae Mul, Memories of a Teenage Amnesiac, Will It Snow At Christmas?, Smile, Smile, You, Rabbit and Lizard (Maybe), They Kiss Again, Marry Stayed Out All Night.

Title: Broken
Song: Broken by Lifehouse
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: WMV file. 5:10 minutes. 45.79 MB
Theme: Asian dramas and films are fill of angst and hope; a look at several romances.
WARNING: Spoilers for the whole series and films!
Vidder's Note: I've been working on this for a week and a half, and am very happy with the way it turned out. I used several of my favorite drama couples and film couples. I'm looking forward to what everyone else thinks.


Megaupload (download)

4shared (stream and download)

video behind cut )
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With four episodes left, Giant is trying to wrap up its million plot lines and fill in all those damn plotholes. And while some of these things make me happy, it also makes me annoyed. Why? Because a lot of it seems rushed and half-ass.

Four episodes left and for the first time in sixteen episodes the writer remembers the plot )

In other news: episode 6 of Mary didn't air today because of the Asian Games. Funny, I thought it wouldn't air because of what happened at the boarder earlier. But, no, they canceled today's episode for swimming.
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I just. . .you have five episodes left. Things are coming together and I can see the Lee Brothers getting their revenge, but. . .

This makes me sad )
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I continue to watch Giant RAW - as you know I'm basically watching for Min-woo and Miju, and they break my heart more and more with each episode. Seven episodes left - can they be saved? I also watched the RAW third episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night, and found it even more adorable than the second episode.

Spoiler-filled thoughts follow for Giant

Miju is really disappointing me )

Mary is freaking adorable. I want to watch Moo Kyul and Mae Ri hang out for hours and hours. Later, their friends can come over and they can all get drunk.

Merry Christmas Just Caught Her Husband Doing What? )

Tomorrow promises even more angst and laughs.
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There are now eight episodes left and way too many storylines now. All these damn secrets and business stuff is being exposed. And yet. . .Min-woo/Miju are still in the horrible horrible world of angst. I'm starting to think that the ten episode add-on was a bad idea. The writer let things drag out and has added new stuff that aren't really necessary. I'm sadly under the assumption that Min-woo has entered the dark-side and there is no turning back for him now. And all because of Satan and the Lee brothers. And Miju - who should say something!
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As Giant enters its final stretch - there are nine episodes left, it enters that bit of episodes where things are wrapped up, characters are put in their places, and romances are made or broken. Things are being put into place for the Lee siblings in terms of their romances, and all I can say is: 'WTF Giant writer and producer? WTF.'

Normally two out of three ain't bad. Expect for this. )

I've never seen the writers other dramas - he's only written three others (and one was historical) according to dramawiki. But, someone please tell me he writes happy endings. If MW/Miju aren't happy at the end; if Min-woo turns completely into Satan Jr. . .I may have to cut a b*tch. I just. . . I need a candy.
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Dear Giant's Writer and Producer,

STOP ruining Min Woo/Miju! The angst of the last two episodes with ) What is this bullsh*t? You have ten episodes to make this right. Do it, or receive an angry letter.


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Giant, please stop breaking my heart. I skimmed through episode forty-three, and I have to say that the Min-woo and Miju stuff breaks my heart.

and that doctor better back off )

With just seventeen episodes left, I hope these two reunited soon. Especially as he's already missed four years with her and their son.
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I watched episode 36 of Giant tonight/this morning and I just have to say:

Miju is one )
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Giant's 37th episode was brilliant. If only for three reasons:

Take goodness that was a wig )
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The soft subs for Giant's thirty-third and thirty-fourth episodes are out. With this drama being sixty episodes, this is the turning point. Secrets have been discovered, lovers have been separated, and characters have embraced their inner darkness.

I think what is really great about this drama is the writing. All the plot twists are brilliantly done; and, all the characters are complex and rich in development.

Everything I do now is for her )

I'm looking forward to watching episodes 35-36 with subtitles; and, of course, I'll be watching the RAWs on Monday and Tuesday.


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