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When I first posted about my new (and first official!) job, I discussed what a hard time I was having with my co-workers and the way things were run at the office. Well, I've now been at the job for nearly two months (it will be two months on the 18th) and things have actually gotten worse.

What is happening and questions on what I can do )

I'm just really confused:

- Being blamed for things I never did

- Being told different things daily and then either the office manger/doctors changing their minds or the others acting like they never told me Ex: I'm told people are new patients after two years. so, when some woman calls and says her teen has been sick for two weeks and hasn't been seen it two years, I say we can see her two days later (I take responsibility for that mistake. I should have asked the doctor to double book her in. The woman angrily hangs up) Later, the woman - a friend of the doctor - calls and complains that I didn't make a same-day appointment and I'm told by a whole room (at the same time!): "No, it's three years."

- Being given other peoples duties so they can text with their friends or check their OK!Cupid profile

- Being told to do five things at once (that must be done by a certain time, like before lunch) and then being told I "take on too much at once" when I fall behind, etc is all a bit much.

I'm stressed. I'm not enjoying my work. Or my days. I'm becoming ill. Maybe this is the way all offices work. Maybe coworkers are mean and maybe the newbie does get all the work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'd like to know others thoughts. I've spoken with some people (both online and in my personal life) and they think it is a toxic and clicky work place. Most say I should quit, but I'm not sure I can because of the way I got the job (via Goodwill and a government work program - they keep mentioning 90 days! and me staying forever. 'First job, last job.' is their favorite sentence) I'm just not sure. Is it me? Honestly I feel like it is all my fault/in my head. I just don't know how to fix it.
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Lately I've found myself itching for a good wuxia/historical c-drama.I've started on Paladin in Troubled Times, and dispute some issues with the male lead, I've enjoyed it. Since I don't have much going on this summer, I have a lot of time to marathon dramas, which means I'm nearly done with Paladin. (It helps that I fast forward through the political stuff) Anyway. . . I've been thinking of what I should watch next. But, I can't seem to make up my mind. I thought I'd ask for the opinions of my f-list.

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Knowing that I love great characters, wonderful interactions and chemistry between characters, solid storylines, and a great romance. . .which one(s) should I watch next? Or is there a drama I'm missing. Thanks for any opinions.


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