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You're the Best Lee Soon Shin is a Korean family drama, focusing on the lives of the three Lee sisters and their mother. The drama pays special attention to youngest sister Lee Soon Shin (singer IU) as she struggles to make it in the acting world. Meanwhile her oldest sister Hye Shin (Son Tae Young) returns home from Hong Kong - daughter and secrets along for the ride. And second sister Yoo Shin (Yoo In Na) deals with work and her love-hate relationship with the boy next door, Dr. Park Chan Woo (Ko Joo Won). There is also Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk), owner of an up and coming talent agency, who takes Soon Shin on. He bets his ex-girlfriend that he can make Soon Shin a star in less than a year. Oh, and there's a birth secret.

How do I explain this drama? I decided I wanted to watch it because I really have enjoyed Jo Jung Suk in his past two dramas, What's Up? and The King 2 Hearts. I also have soft spots for IU (thanks to Dream High), Yoo In Na, Son Tae Young, and Lee Mi Sook. Plus, I really liked the idea of a family drama focusing on the three daughters (ages 34-24) and their struggles in modern day Korea. It also didn't hurt that Writer Jung Yoo Kyung (What Star Did You Come From?) was behind the drama.

Then I started watching the drama, and I quickly realized something: most of the drama comes from the birth secret. Which is, in a way, a good thing. Get that out earlier and deal with it for the whole of the drama. I do hate when secrets in Korean dramas drag. But, it was bad in another way: it made several characters unlikable. And while they were being unlikable due to the secrets of Lee Soon Shin's birth - other characters were just plain unlikable or just had no story. I know they have 50 episodes (well, 34 episodes left at this point; unless they get more episodes, which is likely with the high ratings) but the pacing feels off.

Character and Story Thoughts. Major Spoilers! )

There you have it. After sixteen episodes, one romance is moving along and the birth secret is moving (though mostly in a circle). Everything else is going rather slow, even for a 50 episode family drama. So, am I still going to watch? Yeah, but I think I'll fast forward through most of it and rely of drambeans to fill in the gaps. At least for most of the drama; I do think it could pick up in the 30s. Would I rec this drama? Maybe. But, it certainly feels like a drama you'd marathon over a month or two rather than one you'd watch over 25 weeks. I think, if anything, I'm watching for the interactions between the three Lee sisters and their respective romantic interests.
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It's been ages since I've discussed Doctor Who, but I have kept up with season/series seven of the show. I'll give some brief thoughts about episodes three-six and than discuss episode seven.

last three Pond episodes. . .until the 50 year union special )

I would say that I liked the first, fourth, and fifth episodes of the first half of S7. I didn't love any of them, but they were enjoyable and Matt, Karen, and Arthur had great chemistry. Plus, Amy/Rory will always be one of my OTPs for Doctor Who.

Now, let us discuss the Christmas Special: "The Snowmen" aka episode 7.6.

Sir Ian McKellen is in it! )

Now we have "The Bells of Saint John" aka episode seven of series seven.

I already ship Clara/Eleven. I'm doomed )

I honestly think that Matt and Jenna have amazing chemistry and play really well off one another. I just wish someone else was in charge of their overall story. I just have a horrible feeling that Moffat will screw it up in favor of River Song or a dramatic ending or something. So help me, I'm 'shipping Eleven/Clara.

This series has been extra long, and it really does feel like we're just getting to know Clara. And explore the new dynamic between the Eleventh Doctor and his very mysterious Companion.

Today I'll be voicing my thoughts on episodes seven, eight, nine, and ten. S7 is 13 episodes, btw.

The Rings of Akhaten )

Cold War )

Hide )

journey to the centre of the TARDIS )

So, what do we have to look forward to during the next three episodes?

Spoilers for rest of S7 )
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Once Upon a Time is back! The first nine episodes of the season were very much a set up for this seasons villains: Cora and Hook. They also set up the redemption arc with Regina, as well as a few other key story lines that will probably reappear in the later part of S2. I was very excited to see where this episode took us, and you know what? It was more freaking set up! (It also made me slightly annoyed, but more on that in a bit)

Fairy Tale characters ignore real world laws )

And can we briefly talk about the promo for "The Outsider"? It looks amazing! I'm so excited!
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Excited for January? I am! Below you will find my thoughts on episode two-nine of season two of Once Upon a Time.

Episode Two aka Rumpel plays the long game )

Episode Three aka It's Just Filler )

Episode Four aka Tick tock goes the croc )

Episode Five aka Regina's redemption story has issues )

Episode Six aka Emma's hipster glasses are fooling no one )

Episode Seven aka More Filler )

Episode Eight aka Whose the Evilest One? )

Episode Nine aka I Was Underwhelmed )

I wrote these as the episodes aired (and posted them on LJ), so I know we have answers to a lot of the questions I asked. Still - thought I'd share my thoughts.
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My show is back! And boy did it ever come back with a bang. Questions were answered and new questions came. I really enjoyed it. On to my thoughts. (Spoilers!!)

Twenty eight years )
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Mmm. . .on the one hand this finale was a bit anticlimactic. I believe a lot of it was rushed and almost wish it was a two hour (aka 70 min with ads) finale. On the other hand so many things were answers/resolved. I spent the last few episodes (since roughly "Hat Trick") screaming for certain things to happen, so the fact that they finally did happen made me very happy. Overall I really enjoyed the finale. But, before I give my thoughts: The producers are dirty dirty liars who lie. However, their dirty lies make me happy.

True love's kiss )

Overall, I think this show has a slow start up. Honestly I didn't really love it until around episode 12. The second half of the season was amazing, though. (Even if the MM/David story line and Emma's attitude annoyed me at times.) I am really looking forward to S2.

Also - the DVD and Blu-ray will be released in late August (28th). Price: DVD $45.99, Blu-ray $79.99. The Blu-ray is set to have a ton of extras, as is the DVD. Including deleted scenes, cast interviews about characters and childhood memories of fairy tales, a little documentary about creating their versions of characters, bloopers, and much more.
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Well, this episode was certainly something, wasn't it? Lots going on and more things (finally!) explained. And then it ended. And that preview! Oh, why can't it be the 13th now? I'm so hoping the season finale gets leaked early.

apple red as blood )
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Once Upon a Time is back! And with a Rumpelstiltskin episode, too. Brilliant.

Is this about the rent? )
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Being Human 4.06 and Once Upon a Time 1x15

Allison is spelled with two )

Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? )

So - what do you guys think? Did you enjoy "Puppy Love" and/or "Red-Handed"?

Being Human 4x07 and Once Upon a Time 1x16

Red is a badass )

The Old Ones Are Here )

Being Human 4x08 and Once Upon a Time 1x17

Off with his head )

Annie is badass )

Overall, I really liked S4 of Being Human. It must not have been easy, losing all but one of their four leads. But, they brought the new characters in beautifully and I really enjoy them. The series/season four story arcs were brilliant, and I love that this season/series (like S1 and S3) had a great mix of humor, heart, and angst. I look forward to seeing a S5.
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Another Sunday, another posts about my two favorite shows. I watched Once with my sister this week, and she had the best thing to say about it: "I don't know if it's me, the fairy dust, the egg, or you - but, this is love." lol. Anyway. . .

From Dreamy to Grumpy in under 40 )

Adam's Back! )
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Due to the Oscars, only Being Human aired this week. But, that won't stop me from sharing a few random Once Upon a Time thoughts with all of you. As always, there are spoilers.

You've never had a birthday cake? )

random Once thoughts )
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Another Sunday, another night of shows.

Being Human is still finding itself, or rather its new style. They have a solid arc going with the 'war child' thing and with the new housemates finding their way with one another. After last week's brilliant episode, Once Upon a Time slowed things down with another Charming/Snow (MM/David) episode. Truthfully, I find it a bit hard to worry about Charming in fairy tale land, because I already know he gets a semi-happy ending.

Spoiler Thoughts )
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Sunday is shaping up to be my day of the week. Two dramas that I really enjoy play on this day: Once Upon a Time and Being Human. This week saw two awesome episodes of these dramas. Actually, I would say that "Skin Deep" is (so far) the best episode of Once. Though, "1955" wasn't as strong as "Eve of War", it was still a solid episode.

Under the cut you'll find some spoiler-filled thoughts and a gif or two.

True Love )

Now, about "1955"

Annie and Tom get visitors )

My thoughts and new OTP may not be something you agree with, but

no regrets
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I have just finished episode three of What's Up? and I am officially in love with the drama and its characters.

I looked up some of the actors and actresses in the show and was really surprised to find that, for many of them, What's Up?, was their first or second role in a drama. I can really see these people going far in the entertainment business. This was Jo Jung Suk (Byung Gun), Kang Dae Sung (Do Sung), and Kim Ji Won (Tae Hee)first roles in dramas. And only the second or third drama roles for Im Joo Eun (Doo Ri) and Lee Soo Hyuk (Soo Bin). Honestly, I'm very surprised by that, because they are all amazing in their roles.

After finishing the third episode, I have decided two things:

- Byung Gun is the most adorkable and loveable character in Korean drama history. I really want him to get over his stage fright and become a huge musical star.
- I will 'ship Tae Hee and Jae Hun now and until the end of the drama. They are just so cute together. She makes him relax and smile!

Other spoiler-filled thoughts on the episode and characters )

So yes, I'm still in love with this drama. Why aren't you watching it?!
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I know much of my flist is still working their way toward Romance Town. But, there are a few things I wanted to talk about. One thing is that I think its really a good move to have the whole show more or less take place on one street and focus more or less on the four families and their housekeepers. I love that every night all the housekeepers get together in ones rooms (they take turns) to play Go Stop and gossip about their employers. My favorite bit: "Does the President sleep with the wife or the mistress?" Every week the housekeepers get together to buy a lotto ticket and that is where things get interesting.

Spoilers )

Also, some people are getting confused about which housekeeper belongs to which house and whose who. Thankfully a kind person at dramabeans wrote it all out for us.

The characters )
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I had this thought the other day: Korean dramas are changing. Now a days, Secondary Guys sometimes get the Lead Girl; see How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, Beautiful Days, Dr. Champ, Queen of Reversals, among others, for examples. And, Secondary Girls can get their own storylines, too. No longer do they have to be the bitchy and evil woman trying to snag a man that clearly isn't interested. No, she can be her own person with her own story and possibly her own love interest. See IRIS, Gloria, Secret Garden, and Someday for a few examples.

So, that makes me wonder: will there ever be a drama where due to whatever reasons (writers, fandom want, chemistry between actors, etc) the Secondary Female Lead will get together happily and end up with the Male Lead? Personally, I'm not sure that the writers and producers would do this, even if online fans demanded it. Why? Because, the Female Lead is (usually) the bigger star and because we usually met her first. Most Korean dramas seem to be aimed more at females than males. When I watch a Korean drama, I notice that we usually met the female lead first. We get to know her and we are meant to root for her. As viewers we are meant to identify with the Female Lead. It might not work if she doesn't get the Male Lead. . .right?

Well, maybe.

There was that little drama called Style, where Lee Ji Ah was said to be the Female Lead. The average K-drama heroine - a twenty-something working girl looking for success in work and in love. Only, the viewers identified with and rooted for Kim Hye Soo's character - the Secondary Female - who was Lee's character's mean boss. In the end, the drama focused a bit more of Kim's character and she broken K-drama's biggest unwritten rule - she got the man in the end.

Maybe K-dramas are changing more than I thought. And, maybe, just maybe the new breed of Secondary Female Leads can get the Male Lead. Maybe the new breed of Secondary Females are getting to be their own people. I for one, can totally get with that.
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I'm shipping Coma Girl aka Ji Hyun and Death Boy aka Scheduler from 49 Days, and the drama hasn't aired yet. Is that weird? I'm just shipping from the photos, I don't even know what relationship they'll have. I'm slightly confused: if Ji Hyun is possessing Yi Kyung for 12 or so hours a day, then what will Nam Gyu Ri be doing as a cast member. Are we just going to see her in flashbacks or will her 'ghost' be hanging around when Yi Kyung is free to be herself.

But what of the classic love square? )

I'm looking forward to this, it's written by So Hyun Kyung, who wrote Prosecutor Princess (loved) and Shining Inheritance (really liked). Plus, the cast isn't bad.

In other news: I've given up on Midas, though I may come back to it this summer. And, despite my love of melodrama, I don't think I'll watch Thorn Birds. It might be too melodramatic, even for me.

In non-Asian drama news: Being Human, S3 ends this Sunday. I'm not sure I can make it. I've loved this season/series - it combined the humor and wacky fun or S1 with the darkness and angst of S2. I think S3 was the best in terms of overall series/season arcs, actually. Anyway, very excited for Sunday!
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Recently, three different United States television stations (SyFy, MTV, and HBO) debuted three different shows (Being Human, Skins, and Shameless). What do all these shows have in common? They are all U.S. remakes of popular U.K. serials. This, in itself, isn't very new. U.S. televisions stations have been remaking television shows - from around the world - for decades. Classic shows like All in the Family and Sanford and Son were based on British sitcoms, Till Death Do Us Part and Steptoe and Son, respectively. Recently, other shows like The Office, Kim and Kath, Scoundrels, and Life on Mars and/were remakes, as well.

All of these remakes of television shows, have lead me to a question:

01. Why remake and not bring the shows over/or why remake when the shows are already airing in the States? Being Human, Life on Mars, and Skins have all aired on BBC America; Shameless has also aired in the States. My guess is that, in some ways its cheaper to just remake shows or the big wigs believe the average American citizen wouldn't 'get' shows from other countries.

There's another thing I think about: which is better - the original or the remake? Personally, I think it depends on which one you watch first. Personally, I watched the U.K./original versions first, so I liked them better. I think that people tend to prefer whichever version they see first.

Finally, I think it's unfair to call U.S. television stations "stealers" or "unoriginal", because they take shows from other countries. Many countries remake shows from around the world. The Office has been remade in five different countries; Life on Mars was also remade in Spain; the Korean drama The Devil has been remade in Japan; Wipeout has also been made in several countries, as well. Basically? Every country remakes all sorts of shows.

Do I like it? Not really. But, it looks like television remakes are the wave of the future. (That and crime and medical dramas.)


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