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It's been ages since I've discussed Doctor Who, but I have kept up with season/series seven of the show. I'll give some brief thoughts about episodes three-six and than discuss episode seven.

last three Pond episodes. . .until the 50 year union special )

I would say that I liked the first, fourth, and fifth episodes of the first half of S7. I didn't love any of them, but they were enjoyable and Matt, Karen, and Arthur had great chemistry. Plus, Amy/Rory will always be one of my OTPs for Doctor Who.

Now, let us discuss the Christmas Special: "The Snowmen" aka episode 7.6.

Sir Ian McKellen is in it! )

Now we have "The Bells of Saint John" aka episode seven of series seven.

I already ship Clara/Eleven. I'm doomed )

I honestly think that Matt and Jenna have amazing chemistry and play really well off one another. I just wish someone else was in charge of their overall story. I just have a horrible feeling that Moffat will screw it up in favor of River Song or a dramatic ending or something. So help me, I'm 'shipping Eleven/Clara.

This series has been extra long, and it really does feel like we're just getting to know Clara. And explore the new dynamic between the Eleventh Doctor and his very mysterious Companion.

Today I'll be voicing my thoughts on episodes seven, eight, nine, and ten. S7 is 13 episodes, btw.

The Rings of Akhaten )

Cold War )

Hide )

journey to the centre of the TARDIS )

So, what do we have to look forward to during the next three episodes?

Spoilers for rest of S7 )
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Excited for January? I am! Below you will find my thoughts on episode two-nine of season two of Once Upon a Time.

Episode Two aka Rumpel plays the long game )

Episode Three aka It's Just Filler )

Episode Four aka Tick tock goes the croc )

Episode Five aka Regina's redemption story has issues )

Episode Six aka Emma's hipster glasses are fooling no one )

Episode Seven aka More Filler )

Episode Eight aka Whose the Evilest One? )

Episode Nine aka I Was Underwhelmed )

I wrote these as the episodes aired (and posted them on LJ), so I know we have answers to a lot of the questions I asked. Still - thought I'd share my thoughts.
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Mmm. . .on the one hand this finale was a bit anticlimactic. I believe a lot of it was rushed and almost wish it was a two hour (aka 70 min with ads) finale. On the other hand so many things were answers/resolved. I spent the last few episodes (since roughly "Hat Trick") screaming for certain things to happen, so the fact that they finally did happen made me very happy. Overall I really enjoyed the finale. But, before I give my thoughts: The producers are dirty dirty liars who lie. However, their dirty lies make me happy.

True love's kiss )

Overall, I think this show has a slow start up. Honestly I didn't really love it until around episode 12. The second half of the season was amazing, though. (Even if the MM/David story line and Emma's attitude annoyed me at times.) I am really looking forward to S2.

Also - the DVD and Blu-ray will be released in late August (28th). Price: DVD $45.99, Blu-ray $79.99. The Blu-ray is set to have a ton of extras, as is the DVD. Including deleted scenes, cast interviews about characters and childhood memories of fairy tales, a little documentary about creating their versions of characters, bloopers, and much more.
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Being Human 4.06 and Once Upon a Time 1x15

Allison is spelled with two )

Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? )

So - what do you guys think? Did you enjoy "Puppy Love" and/or "Red-Handed"?

Being Human 4x07 and Once Upon a Time 1x16

Red is a badass )

The Old Ones Are Here )

Being Human 4x08 and Once Upon a Time 1x17

Off with his head )

Annie is badass )

Overall, I really liked S4 of Being Human. It must not have been easy, losing all but one of their four leads. But, they brought the new characters in beautifully and I really enjoy them. The series/season four story arcs were brilliant, and I love that this season/series (like S1 and S3) had a great mix of humor, heart, and angst. I look forward to seeing a S5.
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Sunday is shaping up to be my day of the week. Two dramas that I really enjoy play on this day: Once Upon a Time and Being Human. This week saw two awesome episodes of these dramas. Actually, I would say that "Skin Deep" is (so far) the best episode of Once. Though, "1955" wasn't as strong as "Eve of War", it was still a solid episode.

Under the cut you'll find some spoiler-filled thoughts and a gif or two.

True Love )

Now, about "1955"

Annie and Tom get visitors )

My thoughts and new OTP may not be something you agree with, but

no regrets
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I was quite surprised to see that the fourth series of Being Human had started this week. And to such little fanfare on the BH groups at LJ.

We start off the new series a month or so after the end of series three. Nina and George's baby has been born and the Old Ones are heading toward Europe.

for detailed summary with spoilers )

So. . .I loved it. I think the writing is still brilliant, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new characters bring to the table. And we have a huge mysterious story line with the baby and what we saw in the future. I can't wait to see how series four pans out.
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I thought the angst headed my way with Mary Stayed Out All Night was going to be tough. But, now we have Gloria. What the hell is wrong with this writer and why won't Creepy die?!

YS don't do this )

Why are all my shows going angsty on me?
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The written preview for episode ten is out. It came be found at Ockoala's journal. She also reports that the Writer has been changed (starting with episode 11) to Go Bong-hwang (18 vs. 29).

Basically this preview:

annoys me )

My thoughts are fairly simple: Didn't we already do this? I love this drama to bits: especially MR/MG. But, I feel like we're just going over the same problems over and over again.

Also )
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Giant ended today and I'd like to briefly mention the Miju/MW stuff. These two suffered a lot of angst in recent episodes, but at the end )

Overall, I think the show had a lot of issues toward the end of its run. But, overall it wasn't a terrible show. The writer spent too much time on political and business matters and stretched too many storylines to the point of frustration, but it wasn't a bad show. I give it a 7.5/10.

As for Mary Stayed Out All Night - episode nine really was brilliant. MG/MR are the cutest things in the world. ) And, we have an OTP interloper. I have to say this - my feelings on Secondarys are never wrong )

Back to studying for finals.
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. . .please go die in a fire. Or die in a car crash. Just DIE! You evil, evil, petty, disgusting, crazy man! You make Jin Jin, Kang Suk, Dong Ah,Yoon Seo and Jin Joo miserable and you don't even feel a bang of guilt. You are EVIL! You have no redeeming qualities, none. At least Giant's Jo Pil Yeon,has a talent in business. You, Sir, can't even do that. All the crimes you've committed over the last twenty years have been unforgivable, but now you've gone to far:

you're messing with my Fab Four )
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Looks like next week will be good. They had filmed episode 8 thinking it would air today, so it's a bit sad we have to wait another week for it. We're about to hit the half-way mark, which means only one thing in a romantic-comedy: a bit of angst as our Leads struggle to confess to one another.

All Korean - no, world wide - romantic comedies share a certain, uh, formula. Cuteness and bickering for the first half; misunderstandings, confessions, and angst in the middle; angst and wrap-up in cuteness for the end. Mary is looking to be no different. I'm actually alright with that, as the strength of the show is really the MR/MK relationship.

The fabulously awesome ockoala has put up a written preview for episode 8:

Reposted here, under a cut for spoilers )
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I give up. I'll watch next week's episodes RAW, but I doubt I'll finish the series with softsubs. To say the writer, Jang Young Chul, dropped the ball with this drama is an complete and utter understatement. This series started off with so much intrigue, romance, family love, hope, and drama. It's turn into this big business and political thing. I DON'T care about the business dealings of the characters. Wasn't this supposed to be a revenge story? Why is it 1992 (as of episode 58) and there is still no revenge? That's over 15 years the Lee brothers have spent trying to get revenge - and failing.

As if that weren't enough, the characters have become mere shadows of their former-selves. And many of their storylines have been rushed or all but forgotten. In fact, some characters have gone missing without a word. Where did they go? Was it said in passing? Did I FF a scene and miss their goodbye? I just. . .

I must go on )

I have to say it: Giant is the biggest disappointment of 2010 for me. It started off as an awesome revenge story full of love and redemption and its become. . .a hot mess full of shady business deals, one-dimensional characters, unneeded angst, and plotholes I could drive a school bus through. I'm so disappointed and will pretend the show ended about 20 episodes ago. MW/Miju become engaged and live happily, KM and MW start their own business, KM/JY marry, SM meets his junior at the local whatever, PY dies in a horrible car crash after MW cuts ties with him, etc, etc.
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With four episodes left, Giant is trying to wrap up its million plot lines and fill in all those damn plotholes. And while some of these things make me happy, it also makes me annoyed. Why? Because a lot of it seems rushed and half-ass.

Four episodes left and for the first time in sixteen episodes the writer remembers the plot )

In other news: episode 6 of Mary didn't air today because of the Asian Games. Funny, I thought it wouldn't air because of what happened at the boarder earlier. But, no, they canceled today's episode for swimming.
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There are now eight episodes left and way too many storylines now. All these damn secrets and business stuff is being exposed. And yet. . .Min-woo/Miju are still in the horrible horrible world of angst. I'm starting to think that the ten episode add-on was a bad idea. The writer let things drag out and has added new stuff that aren't really necessary. I'm sadly under the assumption that Min-woo has entered the dark-side and there is no turning back for him now. And all because of Satan and the Lee brothers. And Miju - who should say something!
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As Giant enters its final stretch - there are nine episodes left, it enters that bit of episodes where things are wrapped up, characters are put in their places, and romances are made or broken. Things are being put into place for the Lee siblings in terms of their romances, and all I can say is: 'WTF Giant writer and producer? WTF.'

Normally two out of three ain't bad. Expect for this. )

I've never seen the writers other dramas - he's only written three others (and one was historical) according to dramawiki. But, someone please tell me he writes happy endings. If MW/Miju aren't happy at the end; if Min-woo turns completely into Satan Jr. . .I may have to cut a b*tch. I just. . . I need a candy.


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