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Title: Last Day on Earth
Song: Last Day on Earth
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 3:13 minutes. wmv.
Theme: A look at several characters and couples dealing with their issues.
Vidder's Note: I love this video a hope you do too.

Movies/Series Used:
Cinderella's Unni - episode one and MV
Koizora/Sky of Love - episodes one and six
Rabbit and Lizard/Maybe
Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru
Goldfish Club/Kingyo Club - episodes one - five
Kimi ni Todoke/From Me to You
Bokura ga ita Zenpen/We Were There:Part 1
Fly High/Bisang
Exit No. 6
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I bring the second of my end of the year videos. Using some of my favorite dramas.

Title: Sweet Disposition
Song: Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 3:47 minutes. WMV format. 33.22 MB.
Theme: A look at the hopes and dreams of some of my favorite characters in some of my favorite dramas.
WARNING: Spoilers for all shows!
Vidder's Note: I really love this video and hope you all do to.
Dramas Used: Cinderella's Sister, Fly Up, Dream High, What's Up?, Gloria, Rock Rock Rock, Mary Stayed Out All Night

Download Links

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Title: We Found Love
Song: We Found Love by Rihanna
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: :50 seconds. WMV format. 9.58 MB
Theme: A look at several ANGST couples.
WARNING: Spoilers!
Vidder's Note: I love this video!


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Because I was in the mood for major angst.

Title: Please Don't Go
Song: Please Don't Go by Barcelona
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 26.07MB. WMV format. 3:58 minutes.
Theme: A look at some angsty couples or situations in several Asian films and dramas.
WARNING: Spoilers for everything!
Vidder's Note: Dramas and Films used: Cinderella's Unni, Gloria,Snow Queen, I'm Sorry I Love You, Rabbit and Lizard, Tree of Heaven, Zeni Geba, Love Shuffle, Pride, Honey and Clover, Utahime, Taisetsu na Koto, Love Me Not, Giant, and Fly Up


4 share link (streaming and download)
Megaupload (download)
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Title: Seasons of Love
Song: Seasons of Love by RENT cast
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: 33.45 MB. WMV format. 3:51 minutes
Theme: A look at several dramas (and a couple of films)that aired in 2010.
WARNING: Spoilers for the shows and films!
Vidder's Note: I decided to make this two days ago. I heard the song, and thought it fit very well with the 'end of the year' theme. I thought about it for a long moment and decided to use only dramas and films that came out (or were subbed) in 2010. I focused not only on the romance, but also on the family, friendships, and growth of the characters. This is my Christmas/New Years gift to my Asian-drama lovin' f-list! Also, say tuned at the end, for a very special Outro!



Dramas Used )

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Because Asian dramas and films are full of angst and hope. The dramas and films used: (in order of appearance): Orange Days, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Love Me Not, Gloria, Giant, Guilty, Cinderella's Unni, A Moment to Remember, Dae Mul, Memories of a Teenage Amnesiac, Will It Snow At Christmas?, Smile, Smile, You, Rabbit and Lizard (Maybe), They Kiss Again, Marry Stayed Out All Night.

Title: Broken
Song: Broken by Lifehouse
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the clips used. I just edited the clips.
Details: WMV file. 5:10 minutes. 45.79 MB
Theme: Asian dramas and films are fill of angst and hope; a look at several romances.
WARNING: Spoilers for the whole series and films!
Vidder's Note: I've been working on this for a week and a half, and am very happy with the way it turned out. I used several of my favorite drama couples and film couples. I'm looking forward to what everyone else thinks.


Megaupload (download)

4shared (stream and download)

video behind cut )
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for episode 11. It's nice to see EJ and HS working together to put the company back on track.

Basically, it is the text preview. LOTS of KH angst to look forward to for those that love male angst. But, I do think the angst is becoming too much. With ten episodes left. . .will these people be happy for more then two minutes an episode?
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It's nice to see that EJ really cares for HS and is trying to protect her sister in her own way.

you should run away )
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Just a quickie for flist friends that are interested: (Thank soompi peeps)

It's all your fault )
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Friend-list. I know most of us are obsessing over Cinderella's Unni. And, of course it's come up that if Eun Jo were a male, she'd be a damaged "woobie" that, would fall for Hyo Sun. But. . .what if Eun Jo really was a boy - Cinderella's Oppa? But, instead of falling for HS and HS falling for him. . .Ki Hoon fell for the male-EJ and maybe, just maybe, male-EJ loved KH back?

Now, we have our answer:

Also, the preview for tomorrow's episode is out:

finally! )

FYI: preview is up at the KBS site. here

Also, EJ narrated episodes 1-4 and HS narrated episodes 5-8; now, it seems like KH will get to narrated at least episode 9 and 10, if not 11 and 12, as well. If not, 11 and 12 could go to JW? He should get a go. Then, EJ and HS could do the last eight, sort of sharing the narration from episode to episode. (Like HS does 13, EJ does 14, HS 15, EJ 16, HS 17, EJ 18, HS 19, EJ 20). That would work really well, actually.
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Is it true? Is it not true? At the very least, they should be party true. I think, at the very least, it should prove to give some more conflict. And, will (hopefully) get the Cold War of KH and EJ to stop.

It is the anniversary of sadness )

Over all, I like the 'more likely' spoilers.
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There is a Chinese website, kdrama.com that is known for posting very detailed drama spoilers. However, it's also known for posting fanfiction as spoilers. The newest spoilers for Cinderella's Unni makes be believe (98%) that this is someone's fan story. That or the writer has been watching Stairway to Heaven, because these spoilers are that show's basic plot.

What is this, an American soap opera? )

Overall - it's fun, crazy, fanfic from Chinese fans. But, it's fun to read nonetheless.
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A written preview for episode eight of Cinderella's Unni is out -

It's going to be depressing )
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Watched a couple of things last night and read about Cinderella's Unni this morning. I've got some thoughts.

Glee - Is it just me or do those kids look tired? It's a bit like the show has lost some of its original magic. The songs are still great, but it feels like the show is either going to fast or too slow. I'm not feeling that magic of the first 12 episodes anymore. :(

LOST - it's all coming together )

Cinderella's Unni - Episode seven is getting dramatic and things are coming together. Daesung is someone I feel sorry for )

Overall, it's been a good two days of television.
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My obsession grows as the short preview for episode seven has come out. Over at soompi, this preview has lead to a lot of debate:

It was my life first )
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The lovely ladies at Soompi have posted a preview (and translated it)for episode eight. All I can say is - Hyo Sun is going all evil! Okay, maybe not evil,but she's certainly acting worse and worse. No wonder Seo Woo was told not to go on the internet while the show aired.

Cinderella not so pure )

Link to episode 8 preview is here on megaupload.

Edit )
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All I can say is - whoever does this (HS, the mom, the dad, other) who does/did this to KH and EJ can GDIAF. Seriously, no matter how pissed you are at someone or what someone does to you - you shouldn't do this. I thought HS hiding the letter for eight years was a bitch-move, but

now we know why KH keeps asking EJ is she knows him )
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HS is certainly not the innocent and pure "Cinderella" she was before, is she? I have to say that she's annoying me with all the "KH is mine" talk - to him no less. I always hate when characters call other characters 'mine' in a possessive way. Especially when it's clear the other party has no romantic interest in them.

I suppose I'm meant to feel badly for HS, but I just can't. She spends her father's money, stays out for days with her friends and boyfriends, makes up lies to annoy/hurt EJ, buys gifts to win her stepmother's love, whines that everyone but her has someone, tries to date a man that clearly isn't interested,

and )

So, no, I just can't feel sorry for her. I see HS has problems and issues with her sister. But, those issues are issues that weren't pushed onto her - she shares some blame for where she is in life and how others view her. Yes, EJ, could have been nicer while they were growing up, but HS could have risen above it.

I don't think HS is playing the "victim", but she certainly isn't trying to move on and be strong. I mean, all EJ has to do is mention "take your dad's. . ." and HS calls EJ evil; EJ knows this and it's how she gets HS to do work for the company. It's, like, HS should be doing more - she only does things around the business as punishment - and doesn't try to make something of herself. Sure, she has ballet, but that doesn't seem to be going well. I get HS has no real interest, but at 23/24, you think she'd be trying to find one. Instead, she's trying to get KH to want to marry/date her.

As for the HS/EJ sister relationship - I think these episodes have made it clear that EJ does care, but she isn't about to say so. As for HS, it seems she hates EJ more and more, and is getting things twisted around due to her jealously and her feelings of "not living up" to EJ in their father's eyes.

Grown-up JW is very sweet. The writer and PD have stated that his character is a "sweet, simple man whose love for EJ guides him" and, yes, he's living up to that. I just hope he doesn't get all twisted and "evil" later.

KH - Uh, KH - you've got some angst and I am loving it.

But. . .why was there no preview for episode seven?!

Random: episode 5 was 19.7% in the ratings and episode 6 was 18.6%. Who wants to bet it breaks 20% at some point?
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There is a new clip floating around the internet that is a scene from an upcoming episode. It's LQ, and I think it was taken from a video camera. Basically, the scene is as follows:


You can find a download link at soompi on page 77.
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It's no secret that I've been looking forward to the Wednesday/Thursday drama, Cinderella's Unni. The promos and pictures have really been marketing this as a hard-core melodrama, but it doesn't seem that way to me. Don't get me wrong, with nineteen episodes to go, things could get very melodramatic. But, so far things are dramatic and at times a bit silly (maybe even unintentionally). I have a lot of pros for the first episode, but there are some cons. Not that I think the show won't improve, because I see a lot of potential here.

The characters seem complex, as does the storyline. There is some lovely chemistry between everyone. And, I have faith in the scriptwriter. Also, I think I finally understand the plot and why the Song Eun Jo is so angry - there have been a lot of drama summaries floating around, but I think I get it now.

If you want food, get it yourself. No one in the world will take care of you, but you )


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