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I have finally finished Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. I really enjoyed the show. It had some major flaws, especially in regard to its female characters and its last story arc.

Still, it was still enjoyable thanks in large part to the cast. It also had some really beautiful shots and lovely moments between the characters. By the end, I really did feel like YZM was its own little family.

Overall, I would give the thirty episode series a solid B and I would rec it to friends.

BTW: Has anyone else heard that Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Wallace Huo have been cast in the drama adaption of a Chinese novel called Da Mo Yao? The OTP is going to be played by LSS and HG, but there is also a love triangle with WH's character. According to Koala, the love triangle is fairly epic.

The story: Yu Jin (Liu Shi Shi) was raised within the Xiong Nu, although her foster father is a Han. Under certain circumstances, she was forced to flee to Chang’an, the then capital of Early Han Dynasty,changing her name to Jin Yu along the way. Along her journey, she meets first the calm and kind Meng Jiu (Wallace Huo), and later the handsome, cold, general Huo Qu Bing (Hu Ge). Jin Yu falls for one, but was rejected. Will she untangle her love knot? Who will she choose in the end?

While I'd rather see LSS/WH get together and get a bit more romantic screen time, it's not happening. :( At least LSS/HG is finally happening in a drama. I'm sure it'll make many people happy.
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Some new cast members for Dream High 2 have been released. Park Jin Young is returning. In the first series he played the "misfits"' English teacher/secret tutor. Another teacher has been reviled Kim Jung Tae (last seen in Girl K will have a role, possibly as the students' teacher.

As for the students - three have been cast. Rumor has it two more student cast members will join them, though that hasn't been confirmed.

The cast: (who are all two years older than half the cast of the first Dream High)

Jinwoon (21) of 2AM has been cast in one of the leading male student roles.

Hyorin (22) of the K-pop group "SISTAR" seems to be taking on the Suzy role. Or rather a type of role like Suzy played. I say this, simply because they have a similar look.

Kang So -Ra (23) doesn't seem to be in any pop group, so I'm wondering if she'll be the female Kim Soo-Hyun of the group. At the very least, she has several acting credits to her, which is more than the other two student cast members.
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Interesting news in the casting department at Once Upon a Time.

Cut for spoilers )
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Joo Sang-wook (Giant, Thorn Birds) has gotten the lead in a new cable drama called Ten. Joo will play a former detective, whose now a police academy instructor. His character is made the head of a special crime unit - that solves unsolved or supposedly unresolvable crimes; the unit is called Ten. The drama is already being called Korea's Criminal Minds. Joo Sang-wook’s character is called Ji-hoon and is said to have a keen and logical mind.

Ten is going to be ten episodes long and will air on the cable network OCN, starting on Sunday, October 23rd. (Original information from dramabeans and reworded and edited by me)
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After weeks of speculation,the casting for JGS's newest drama, Love Rain has moved forward. We now know two new cast members and more about the characters they'll play. We also have a plot:

"Love Rain will be a melodrama that transcends generations. It will tell the story of pure loves with emotion that will make the viewers cry and smile. It spans from a pure love in the 1970s analog age, to a trendy love in the digital age"

The cast )

So. . .I'm guessing this is a "sins of the father/mother" type thing? Because JGS is said to be the male lead in both the 1970s and the 2012 parts of the drama. (We'll see both stories play out together.) I'm guessing In-Ha loses Yoon-Hee, but his son gets her daughter? That grosses me out a little, to be honest.

I also have to be frank: I'm not happy with Yoona casted as the female lead. Because - she's not a strong actress. She's wooden at times and never emotes as she should. I also think Yoona tends to bring down the talents of her co-stars. There were many other actresses in the 20-25 age range that would have been much better, in my opinion. I cannot remember Kim Shi-Hoo in anything, so I can't comment on him.

I hate to say it - but, my interest in this drama has waned. Love Rain starts filming next week and is shooting for an early 2012 air date.
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Japanese citizens are protesting Fuji TV, because they are airing too many Korean dramas and have too many Korean celebs appearing on their talk shows. Or something. They are mad about Fuji TV and their love of Korean celebs, I think. But, Fuji TV is continuing their love of Korea and its celebs with a new series - Boku to Star no 99 Nichi.

The series is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a dull 40-year-old part-time security guard, who finds himself the personal body guard of a Korean actress. The contract is for 99 days and of course, they fall in love.

The Korean actress will be played by Kim Tae Hee (IRIS;My Princess) while the security/body guard will be played by Nishijima Hidetoshi (General Rouge no Gaisen, Dolls). This is Nishijima first staring/lead role in a prime time drama and Kim is learning - and will speak - Japanese for the drama.

It begins airing in October.
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I just read this on dramabeans and had to share - Jang Geun-seok has been casted in a new drama. The drama begins filming in September, and it's from PD Yoon Suk-ho. For those that don't know, Yoon Suk-ho is the man that gave us Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart, Summer Scent, and Spring Waltz. He's made somewhat known Korean stars into famous household A-list names. Plus, his dramas are usually awesome.

The drama has Jang Geun-seok playing two characters - passionate, sentimental artist and a carefree photographer. The drama will tell two stories: one in the '70s and one in 2011. The show will deal with young love in both settings and explore the way the two generations dealt/deal with the complications and heartbreak of love.

I have no idea if the two characters Jang places are connected. In a way the series plot reminds me of the film, The Classic, which also explored two love stories in two generations; and, had the same actress playing the heroine in each.

Anyway. . .no leading ladies have been announced, but a show title has - Love Rides the Rain. Maybe PD Yoon is starting a weather series? Rain, Snow, etc.

According to dramabeans the show will air sometime in late '11 or early '12.
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Firstly, I want to give all my American f-listers a Happy 4th. I think it's become too crazy, but even I ate the hotdogs and the red, white, and blue strawberry shortcake.

Secondly, Myung Wol the Spy has several stills out - it looks like a fun drama with a bit of angst thrown in. Is it July 11th yet?

Thirdly, I'm suddenly looking forward to the weekend drama A Thousand Kisses because of the secondary cast: Kim So Eun (Boys Before Flowers) has been added as the leading lady's (Seo Young Hee) younger sister. She's also in love with Ryu Jin's character (Summer Scent, Loving You a Thousand Times). And Ryu Jin's character may or may not be the ex-husband of Seo Young Hee's character. How juicy!

Fourthly, a new Korean drama has been announced - Forget Me Not and the leading man is rumored to be Song Seung-Heon (East of Eden, My Princess). Also, the drama will be written by Kim Soo-Hyun, who wrote the weekend drama hits Life is Beautiful and Mom Has Grown Horns.
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This summer seems to be the season of cross dressing girls and manga adaptions. In July, Paradise Kiss, Star Protector Dog, and Ninja Kids!!! will hit theaters. In July the You're Beautiful remake and the unnecessary Hanazakari no Kimitachi e remake will hit the small screen. And now, I hear that the Ouran High School Host Club live action television series is a go!

I'm a huge fan of the manga and I enjoyed the anime series, but I've always been wary of a live action series or film. The manga is just so crazy and the characters just too weird. But, it's happening - there's a page at dramawiki and everything. The cast has even been announced. The cast makes me worried. Very worried.

The Cast is full of people I don't know )

Mostly, I have nothing to say about the cast. I only know Kawaguchi Haruna (who is good, and may be alright as Haruhi) and Yamamoto Yusuke, whose a fine actor, but seems terribly missed casted as Tamaki. I don't have high hopes for this series. Not just because of the cast, but also because it just doesn't seem like something that can transfer well to onscreen.

Anyway, the Ouran live action series begins this July. It'll air in the "death spot" - 12:20a.m. and will air on TBS.
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While You're Beautiful was an internet hit, it didn't fair so well in the ratings. It averaged 10% overall; the worse overall ratings of any Hong Sister drama. Still, it's being remade - in Japan. I don't know if it aired in Japan (I think it did), but it must have been a hit there; the remake has been in the works for a year now. The Japanese You're Beautiful remake will air this July on TBS and will be "heavily" based on the Korean version of the show.

It will star actress Takimoto Miori, and three young men from Johnny's Entertainment: Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, and Yaotome Hikaru. I looked up the cast: none of them have done much acting and they are all younger then their Korean counterparts. I can't help but think this is a vehicle for Johnny's Entertainment.

The only thing good thing I can think is: maybe it will have better pacing. You're Beautiful was sixteen episodes and started to drag by episode seven or eight. Japanese dramas are usually ten-twelve episodes, so maybe all the pointless stuff can be left out. *shrug*

Also - remember Hanazakari no Kimitachi e? It aired in Japan during the summer season of 2007; there was a special in October of 2008. Despite its craziness, it was a ratings hit - avenging 17.3% for the series and an 18% for the special. It was a fun little thing and then it was over. We moved on. The story was finished and we were all happy, until now. It's being remade: twice.

A Japanese remake of the series is airing - three years after the special - later this summer. It will have a whole new cast and will have Maeda Atsuko (who was awesome in Q10) taking over the Horikita Maki role.

Also - a Korean remake is coming soon. It'll be done by SM Entertainment (they did the horrible Paradise Ranch). They have revealed that they have signed a contract that will give them the publication rights for the drama production. Representatives revealed, “The Korean version will have a total of 16 episodes that draw out stories of hopes and dreams. It’s a teenage comedy with a cute, but strong storyline and a slew of handsome cast members. We’re planning to begin airing it this summer.”

I can honestly saw I'm not looking forward to either Hana Kimi remake. Why are they remaking a show three years after another version aired? And. . . the Korean version will most likely star SM Entertainment boybanders. . .most of which cannot act. *sigh*
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Dear Taiwanese drama Gods, I know you love remaking Japanese mangas into Idol dramas, but this is a bit much: "Zettai Kareshi" by Watase Yu is being made into a drama for 2011. Now, I liked the Japanese drama, because it was crack!tastic, but. . .this might be a bit much.

The drama will star Wu Chun (from the boy band Fahrenheit, Romantic Princess, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu) as Night and Go Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers; The King and I) as Izawa Riiko. I could deal with Wu Chun playing a robot, but I really hated GHS in Boys Over Flowers, so I doubt I'll watch the show.

I do like the story, because it's weird and cracky, but. . .I don't think I could do another whole fourteen+ hours of Go's overacting. She's apparently a really good writer and director, so maybe she should stick to that? At least in my opinion.
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Awhile back there was a rumor that George Hu (27) of ToGetHer and K.O.3an Guo fame would be costarring with Park Shin Hye (20) of You're Beautiful and Tree of Heaven fame in a Taiwanese drama based on a Japanese manga. And, it seems those rumors are true. The drama is scheduled for 2011 and has the title: Xuan Feng Guan Jia. The summary from dramawiki is as followed:

George Hu plays a man who is buried by his parents' gambling debts. With no way to pay back the money, he thought about going to the dark side by getting into the kidnap and ransom business. But instead of becoming a kidnapper, he ended up saving a girl from a real kidnapping. The girl turned out to be the sole heir of a conglomerate who faced these kinds of threats every day. In a case of kidnapping gone wrong vs. mistaken love confession, she hires him to be her butler and helps repay his parents' debts. Grateful to have gangster collectors off his back, he vows to protect her from harms, which is no easy task.

I've seen the anime the original manga is based on and I've read a bit of the manga. It's cute, but not very, uh, interesting to me. Of course, Taiwanese drama makers have a way of turning the most basic Japanese mangas into drama-packed shows.

I just have to wonder: why Park Shin Hye? She doesn't even speak the language! Yes, other stars have "crossed-over" to Taiwanese and Chinese productions, but this just seems weird to me. When I first heard the rumor my thoughts went to Yoo Ha Na (My Lucky Star and Sons of Sol Pharmacy) who started out doing a Taiwanese film, a Taiwanese drama, and a music video with Taiwanese singer Jay Chou before hitting the Korean drama scene back in 2007. I thought of her, because she was a new-comer, so the idea of her starting out in another country made more sense to me, because she was new and had to take what she could get. Then say. . .someone whose been acting since they were thirteen. It just seems like an odd fit, especially as this drama seems to star several models turned actors and singers. The entire male cast was also in K.O.3an Guo which looks rather cartoon-ish and silly.

The whole thing just seems like a really odd fit. But, since the show isn't hitting television until sometime in 2011, I'll just have to wait and see. Still. . .it looks like yet another annoying and predictable Idol drama; Park Shin Hye are you trying to make people get annoyed with you?
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Kim Hyo-jin (26) will play an actress, “Seo Joon,” a character created newly for the drama version that wasn’t in the original manhwa. She’s the type of beautiful and talented celeb whom all women envy, and comes from a good background to boot. She’s also the “bold and confident” ex-girlfriend of Mu-gyul, the bohemian musician played by Jang Geun-seok. - dramabeans

You guys may know Kim Hyo-jin from Happiness, the 2008 family drama; Ice Girl, the romantic drama from 2005; among other dramas and films. I've seen her in several things, and I've enjoyed her, but I think there are times (in recent years) where she goes a bit over the top with her characters. I found her character in Happiness to be utterly spoiled and at times immature, but that could have been the writing. This news also makes me wonder who Moon Jung-hee (34) will be playing, as I thought she was the secondary female lead, but I'm guessing not.
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Looks like Moon Jung-hee (34) has been casted as the show's secondary female lead. She'll be playing a femme fatale with a charming manner and zero tolerance for losing to other women - especially Mae Ri. She ends up having a significant effect on the romance of Mu-Kyul and Mae Ri. - info from a Korean article. Translated by me.

I find this casting news rather interesting. Not because of the character description - it seems like a cookie-cutter secondary female lead - but, because of who Moon Jung-hee is. Looking over her biography, she doesn't seem like the secondary female type, it looks like she's mostly played supporting roles or lead roles in (older)dramas. I think this could be a bit weird, because our male lead and our female lead look much younger then they are, MJH looks like she could be their older sister or boss. I'm not sure if she is the true secondary girl or just someone who throws a wrench in things, but either way, I can't comment on her acting, as I haven't really seen her in anything major.

Jang Geun-Suk (23), Moon Geun-Young (23), and Kim Jae-Wook (27) have already been casted.
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Mary Stayed Out All Night is an internet comic by Won Su-Yeon, of Full House fame. The story is described as a romantic comedy and is:

The story of Mary Wei (Moon Geun-Young), a young and stubborn woman with little dating experience. Her life changes suddenly when she meets tough rocker Kang Mu-Kyul (Jang Geun-Suk). The two begin dating (and may enter a contract marriage?). But, things get more complicated when Byun Jung-In, a handsome and seemingly perfect chaebol enters the picture. - by me, with info from Asianwiki and Dramabeans

Details are a bit all over the place because the drama is being tweaked in much the same way Full House was. (For those that don't know, the Full House comic took place in England, and the lead was an English actor, not Korean.)For this drama, My-Kyul is apparently going to be more 'indie' rock and more of a 'free-spirit'. According to Dramabeans: or 100 days, Mary will have an “imaginary marriage” (as in simulated) with both guys; the exact circumstances remain unclear.

The drama is being written by In Eun-ah, who wrote Goong, this gives me hope, because that was a well-written drama, that was also based on a comic. But, I'm still a bit worried.

I love Moon Geun-Young, and I do think she is one of the best Korean actress in her age range (she's a '87'er, making her 23); however she's mostly done drama roles. You see, Moon is trying to give up her "little sister" image, and has taken on more dramatic roles of late - which she has been highly praised for -, but if you look back at her acting history, she really has done mostly drama. Love Me Not, A Tale of Two Sisters, Cinderella's Sister, The Painter of Wind, Empress Myseongseong, the new play Closer, were all pieces she was praised for, and all were dramas. Of course, she also did My Little Bride and some family dramas back in her younger dramas, and those had some humor in them. MLB was a romantic comedy and even a hit. I'm just a little worried, because while I love Moon and found her adorable in the romantic comedy My Little Bride and even the romantic dramedy Innocent Steps, I still know that it's harder to do comedy than it is to do drama.

Then there's Jang Geun-Suk. In Hong Gil Dong he went from nearly wooden to 'alright' - sadly, his co-stars outshone him, and his character wasn't that well written at times. In You're Beautiful, I think he did the best he could, but didn't have much to work with toward the end of the series. While the Hong sisters wanted to parody the "Idol" set, I think they were also scared to go to far, and then there was all that unneeded drama, and well. . .Jang worked with what he had and did the best he could. I know he has a lot of comedic talent: he was wonderful in Baby and Me, where he played a rebellious high school student who finds himself the father of an abandoned baby. (Yes, it was a comedy.) Basically, I like him and think he does well when given a good script. So, if he has something to work with, he'll do okay.

As for chemistry, well, Moon could have chemistry with a rock and Jang always does well with his leading ladies, so I'm not worried. I'm actually looking forward to this one. It starts in November, after Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
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After much hype, Kim Hyun Joong finally has his leading lady for the upcoming Korean remake of Itazura na Kiss. Who is the lucky lady you ask? Well, many names - some idols and some actual actresses - have been tossed around over the last few months. Yet, the actress that has been casted is a relative newcomer to the acting world. It's Jung So-min! Some of you may know her as the spoiled yet sweet Mo-nae in the currently airing Bad Guy.

Despite being a newcomer, the 21-year-old Jung, has been praised for her acting. Her fellow actors and many news outlets have praised Jung for her natural charm on screen and her good looks. Aside from Bad Guy, Jung has also done several CFs.

The series Mischievous Kiss is currently scheduled to air in September after Road No. 1. MS is scheduled to be twenty episodes and is described as a "romantic school drama". It will be directed by Hwang In Roe who directed Goong, Goong S, and The Return of Iljimae. The production company is Group 8 and the screen writer is Go Eun Nim, whom I've never heard of.

My thoughts on the casting? I'm just glad we have an actual actress in the lead role and not a singer or idol that has never acted before. Also, with the ages of the leads - Kim is 23/24 and Jung is 21 - I'm thinking this will stay true to the manga and start off with the characters in high school. Honestly it makes more sense that a high school girl and her father move into the home of the father's childhood friends.
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I've been a bit disappointed with the last few seasons of K-dramas; though last season was really good - Cinderella's Sister Personal Taste, Prosecutor Princess among other things. However, when I looked at the summer 2010 season, nothing really struck me. Until now.

Gloria is a new Sun/Sat drama written by Jung Ji Woo, the writer of such classic as - Stars Falling From the Sky, Family's Honor, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, etc. Plus, the cast list is beyond awesome:

The cast )

I have to say that I'm exited for this drama due to the writer, who has a way of writing dramas about people rather than simply about their romances. I also really love the casting - Lee Chun Hee has become a favorite, as has So Yi Hyeon. Plus, Bae Doo Na is always very good. I think the story also has a lot of potential, because it seems based around these people and their relationships.

At the start Jin-Jin and Dong-A are friends and "develop a relationship", but then cold and aloof Kanna Seok enters the picture. It'll be interesting to watch that love triangle form and develop, because there are many factors involved in it: the past Jin-Jin and Dong-A share, Kanna Seok's family, etc.

There is also Yoon-Seo, who I'm sure will fit in that love triangle somewhere. I'd actually love too see Yoon-Seo and Dong-A form a little somthing-something, simply because it would give into two of my major drama kinks: ballerina/gangster and rich girl/bad boy. (Yes, I am shallow. Sue me.)

I will say this, though: I am a bit worried about how they will portray Jin-Joo, Jin-Jin's mentally handicap sister. Because, let's face it. . .sometimes the mentally handicap characters in dramas and films come off as adults acting like children and not as adults with the mental capacity of a child.

Either way - I'm looking forward to this drama. It's just too bad it's 50 episodes. That pretty much means I'll be streaming this one.
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. . .I become very excited.

It's a 20 episode drama, and is A modern day adaptation of Cinderella with a twist as our Cinderella, Goo Hyo Sun, plots revenge against her evil stepsister (Moon Geun Young) for years of pain and suffering. It's called Cinderella's Unni (Older Sister)

This is Chun Jung-myung's first project since he was discharged from the army. For those that don't know, Chun Jung-myung has appeared in several dramas - the romcom What's Up Fox? with the awesome Ko Hyun Jung in 2006. He was also the secondary male lead in Fashion 70s (I shipped him and the leading lady). In 2007 - just before he went into the army - he stared in the film Hansel and Gretel.

In this drama - as far as we know - he'll be the male lead. Whether he'll end up with the Cinderella character or the stepsister isn't known either.

Moon Geun Yong is (apparently) the female lead, playing the "evil" stepsister to Seo Woo's Cinderella character. She was last seen in the award winning The Painter of the Wind in 2008. It was her first project after a two year break to attend Sungkyunkwan University.

Seo Woo is the Cinderella character, who plots revenge. Seo Woo is best known as the female lead in the comic-based, Tempted Again (aka Tamra, The Island) and the film Crush and Blush, the series aired in 2009 and the film was released in 2008.

Little is known about any of the characters. But, Moon is the "evil" stepsister, who isn't really as evil as you'd think. I think it may be a case of: she was a bratty and bitchy older sister when they were kids/pre-teens/teens, but has matured and doesn't think about the past. Yet, Seo Woo's character still holds that grudge and wants revenge.

The interesting thing is, Seo Woo, playing Cinderella, should be the lead. Yet, Moon Geun Yong is the bigger star. I can't really see her taking a secondary leading role after winning awards for The Painter in the Wind and after having a solid film/tv career since her very early teens. I think this may be a case of co-female leads, where each lady has her episodes and moments to shine.

The series is being penned by Kim Kyu Wan. Kim has written several wonderful dramas: Robbers,Spring Day, and Piano. Kim's also written Dr. Kkang and Say You Love Me. So yes, it's a writer that does well with melodrama and romance. Kim also does well (as witnessed in Spring Day and even a bit in Piano) of not having stereotypical evil Secondary leads.

Something that makes me believe Cinderella's Unni will have a love triangle similar to Spring Day with both ladies playing opposite Chun's leading man at different times during the drama. This drama is supposed to have a twist, so I'm wondering if it isn't Seo Woo's Cinderella character that becomes twisted, while Moon Geun Young's character may be 'evil', but maybe (as I said)she's matured and has forgotten. Or maybe she'll just be a bitch and Seo Woo becomes equally bitchy.

Who knows. But, the show airs in March on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I'm looking forward to learning more about this drama. If only to see how they handle the differences, both in story and characters.
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So, Lee Joon Ki (My Girl, Time Between Dog and Wolf) has a new drama coming out called Unseen Warfare aka Strange Heroes, and I have no idea what it's about, but I seem to recall reading that it was a little super hero-y. Anyway, his leading lady has been cast, and I'm really happy with this one - it's Han Ji Min of Capital Scandal and Cain and Abel fame.

Also, I recently made a post about Park Shin Hye joining the cast of You're Beautiful, well it turns out that she will be playing twins: a girl and a boy.

I've read (sorry, can't remember where) that (as of right now - remember, plots change in Korean dramas as late as two weeks before filming) Park's characters are twins. The boy has dreams of being in an idol group, and gets the job of being in the same group as Jang Geun Suk 's backward country boy. Well, something happens and ala As You Like It Park's boy twin has to disappear for a while, so girl twin secretly takes over her bro's idol duties. Hilarity and uneasy sexual tension will surely ensue.
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A few weeks ago, we learned that Jang Geun-seok (Hong Gil Dong, Baby and Me) was casted as the male lead in their new drama, playing a simple country boy who somehow finds himself as the member of an idol group. Now, his leading lady (ladies?) has been casted - Park Shin-hye (Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven). According to E Daily via dramabeans, she'll be playing twins - one (or both) of whom fall for JGS's character. Mmm. . . can the Hong sisters pull it off? I hope so!

I'm actually happy with this casting news. (How do Hong Sister dramas always cast so right?) Park was awesome in her earlier dramas (I ignore Goong S for all involved.), plus we know from the Etude House campaign a few months back that these two do have chemistry.

The show starts in October, and I'm looking forward to it. Click here to view the ad these two did together.


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