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Let me start off by saying four things:

01. This book (and the series as a whole) is a favorite of both my dad and my younger sister. They are both in love with the story and its characters; they could fan over it for hours. My dad isn't much of a reader, but he stuck with these books. My younger sister reads everything and proclaims this to be her favorite novel, ever. They both plan of seeing the film.
02. I am painfully aware of Mr. Card's prejudices and pass statements in regard to the LGBTQIA community, marriage equality, and even minorities. However, I was determined to try and not let my disagreements with his views cloud my judgement on the novel.
03. I am aware that this novel has won several awards and is considered a classic and a favorite by many. I'm also aware that those that disagree with the praise the novel has received are often called names and told they are 'closed minded' and 'not seeing the big picture', among other things. I disagree with that: you are allowed to not like something, even if you understand it.
04. I listened to the audio book of this, which was recorded in 2004/2005. One of the things I found most interesting about it, was the last forty-fifty minutes of the recording. It was Mr. Card (or maybe someone reading his afterward from the novel) discussing how Ender's Game started as a short story in the late 1970s and how he had to go and back a novel out of it, so he could do as he wished with the second novel in the series. He also mentioned something that I think is interesting: he cleaned up the language in the novel, because he wanted it to be read by children his son's age. (9-15 year olds) Despite so many claiming that Ender's Game is an adult novel, it seems Mr. Card envisioned it as a novel for preteens and teens.

Now on to my spoiler-filled thoughts/review:

So Ender is Jesus? )

So how do I rate it?

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