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The lovely website tvtropes is often a time suck. And by that I mean you can spend hours on it and not even noticed that you've wasted half your day. There is also a lovely thing on Tumblr, where you find tropes to describe your favorite fictional characters and make a picture/gif set with them. I thought I'd try it with my stories.

Second up: Henry Harker from Surely Someday. Come get to know (and see!) her.


Full Name: Henrietta Susan 'Henry' Harker
Date of Birth: November 15th, 1984
Unnamed Mother (alive)
Unnamed Father (alive)
Unnamed Siblings (alive)
Occupation: Psychology Student


The Arthur Dent/The Every Woman: a story full of vampires, werewolves, etc. Yet, Henry is just an ordinary person who is more or less thrown into a crazy supernatural world. She tries to deal with it as best she can; often by trying to apply when she's learned.
Only Sane Woman: Which everyone else freaks out about everything from cake to sedatives to curtains, Henry keeps her cool. Often applying her 'normal' skills to deal.
Cannot Spit it Out/Stalker With a Crush: Does this with Andrews for the first half of S1. She asks him for tea/coffee as often as she can, but she can't quite tell him how she actually feels. Of course, he's sort of oblivious to it all himself.
The Smart Girl: A psychology student; she has the highest education of the gang. Plus, she's fairly intelligent - when it comes to books.
Actual Pacifist: Despite being a fan of the horror genera, she really hates violence.
Ordinary High School Student: Well, college. She's a late student (being 27 at the start of the story), but she's fairly normal. No special powers or creatures or anything. Maybe. . .
Locked Out of the Loop: Simon takes great pains to make sure Henry doesn't know he's a werewolf. Andrews takes great pains to keep her unaware of who/what Maggie is. Even after meeting Maggie and Warren, the gang makes a point to make sure Henry doesn't know what is going on. Wolf howls? I don't hear anything. Organs in the freezer? What. . .? It's totally normal that Andrews is never sick and that Maggie never eats.
Nice Girl: Henry is a nice girl. Period.
Official Couple/Beta Couple: Andrews and Henry are becoming a couple, a major one.


Henry thanks you for your time.
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