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I know that every Sunday I'm supposed to post six sentences from my newest work, but this Sunday will have to be a pass. Why? I ended up writing a short prequel to Set/Arc 2 of Surely Someday that would give away too much. It may also end up being a spin off one day, so I'm keeping it under-wraps until Set/Arc 1 is finished. At that rate I'm going, that will be sometime around June. I also need/want to start writing my other two stories, but I'm a bit lost as to were to go with them; so, they are on 'pause' at this time. (In the mean time, I am reading - even if I forget to comment. Most of the reading is quick, like at lunch or late at night before bed)

I'm still at my job, and it has actually gotten worse since the Holidays. I'd like to go into details, but I don't really want to bring anyone down or get into it at the moment. My one regret is that I took the job, but the interview was so great and they were so nice! Now, I feel like an outsider and have literally cried in the bathroom. I'd love another job, but let us be real, there are none. It took me a year to find this one. I can't leave unless I have something else lined up. I've started looking this afternoon and have already applied to four jobs. I hope to be out of this unhealthy environment (seriously I'm sick) within the next two months.
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