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"The Outsider" was so much better than last week.

- Let us start with the most boring and pointless point of the episode: the Charmings go house hunting! Seriously? That was useless filler akin to the 'Ashley and Sean get engaged and are never seen again' filler scenes of "Skin Deep". I can only image that Josh, Ginny, and Jen have it in their contracts that they have to be in so many episodes a season. And since Ginny and Jen already missed episode four, they shoehorned them in this week. It was just so utterly pointless. Really the only good that came from the Charming family scenes was the relieve that Archie is alive and Cora is in town. Now the Charmings owe Regina a huge apology. Not that they'll give it. I can never much see it as a: "Uh, yeah. But, can you blame us?" type thing. As someone on tumblr pointed out, the Charming family has a lot of pride - in the self righteous, its all about us, sort of way.

- I think anyone that is a fan of Mulan/Philip, Philip/Auroa, Auroa/Mulan, or the OT3 need to give a big thanks to Belle. She was brave and resourceful and compassionate. She made those 'ships happen. Hell, she was just really brilliant the whole episode. I loved Belle this week.

- I'm so tired of Hook. I really dislike him at this point. He tortures and tries to kill innocent people in order to get revenge that is 500 years old. Revenge on a love that never seemed all that great to me - that seemed phoned in and just used as an excuse. It doesn't help that he's never acknowledged his own role in Milah's death. He knew her for all of four hours before sailing away with her. He didn't have a problem with letting her leave without her son (or without saying goodbye). She never contacted him, and Hook had no issue with that. Rumpelstiltskin was wrong for killing Milah, but there is a lot more to that situation then: "I have the right to torture, rip the heart out of, or kill anyone that gets in the way of me killing him."

- Speaking of my growing dislike for Hook: he shot Belle, causing her to fall over the line and lose her memory. He's basically killed her, because now she has no memories of herself, her family, her friends, or Rumple. It wasn't just revenge on Rumple, it was the murder of an innocent woman who had no role to play in Hook and Rumple's shared past. There was no reason to shot her - she had no history with them. And he didn't just hurt Rumple by the action, Hook hurt Belle and everyone that cares for her. Who knows what her memories are now? The CTV promo show her screaming bloody murder when Rumple kisses her - and we saw very little of her pre-Curse life. I cannot image Regina spent a lot of time on a history and memories for Belle.

- Finally, the Rumbelle. It was actually really solid. Raw and a bit painful, but sweet at times. Snowing is all romantic and fairy tale true love - no real problems that cannot be solved easily. But Rumbelle seems more real world to me. Harder. I actually really like it. And the last scene killed me. It killed me dead. I just cannot. Why must the s hip I chose be so full of angst?!


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