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Once Upon a Time is back! The first nine episodes of the season were very much a set up for this seasons villains: Cora and Hook. They also set up the redemption arc with Regina, as well as a few other key story lines that will probably reappear in the later part of S2. I was very excited to see where this episode took us, and you know what? It was more freaking set up! (It also made me slightly annoyed, but more on that in a bit)

- First: Yay to Archie being alive, but boo to his being kidnapped. At least it wasn't Belle.

- Second: So. . .Emma's magical power to tell when people are lying doesn't work right now? They followed no laws with this Archie death case. Where was the autopsy? He didn't look to be strangled or injuries in anyway. Magic death. Maybe. But, Regina did it because the dog's memories say she did is a little. . .stupid. Then again, the Charmings had always been ready and willing to blame others for things and ask questions later. (They are seriously bugging me this season.)

- Also, I want to point out that I still hate the way the show deals with adoption and stepfamilies. Henry now lives with the Charmings and Regina has to ask to see him? Flaws, manipulations, fairy tales etc aside: she's legally his mother. And from what we've been told she did raise him with love and was a good mother, until he started to notice that no one was aging, etc. I don't know, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that everyone (even Henry) acts as though Regina was an abusive monster to Henry for 11 years. Yes, she made him see Archie and told him that the fairy tale stuff was a lie, but that was for her own protection. I think it was wrong, but it also saddens me that Regina loves Henry and everyone (even him) act as though she's this evil thing that cannot feel love. (Plus, I hate that whole 'adoptive bonds can never beat biological bonds' thing this show does)

- You want to know something interesting? I think Regina's whole motive for revenge against Snow is stupid and pointless and manipulative on the writers part. Regina in FTL is someone that doesn't have my pity, because while she was manipulated by nearly everyone she knew, she let her grief and her misplaced angry guide her. She could have broken free many times, and she never did. However, Regina in SB is someone I feel for. She is trying to change and she loves Henry and she has regrets. It's just that no one seems to be willing to see it. Oh, I'm sure they'll feel for Hook, but Regina? Nah. Her crying in the car made me feel awful. The Charmings better have a good apology for her after all this shit is over with.

- Cora is a terrible person. And I quite honestly don't care for Hook, dashing anti-hero or no.

And can we briefly talk about the promo for "The Outsider"? It looks amazing! I'm so excited!

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You so perfectly phrased everything I hate about how OUAT treated adoption! I sort of disliked the Charmings at the end of the episode because it was cheesy ridiculousness on top of a horrible message about adoption. Isn't it a closed adoption, too? But Storybrooke doesn't seem to follow the laws of the US, so I doubt that would even mean anything to them. Henry seems to love Regina and want to develop a relationship with her, if him staying by her plate of lasagna is any indication. So that's a bit of aloe vera in an otherwise :/ episode.

And after watching a bunch of Castle, I kept wondering how Beckett would have reacted to Charming's eagerness to arrest Regina without even any solid evidence. Would have been a sight to behold.

I really hope the next episode is better. I'm still reeling from all the shit thrown at Regina in that ep. I'm glad Archie is still alive! There's always a silver lining~~ It really did feel like set up. I'm a bit nervous that the set up won't amount to much because season 1 was building up to the reason Regina hates Snow, and in the end the reason was so lackluster. I've taken to making up headcanon to make their antagonistic relationship more real. lol I guess as long as Regina and Henry's relationship improves and Hook keeps the eyeliner, I'll forgive any shoddy writing.

Date: 2013-01-13 09:41 pm (UTC)
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Ugh, I take back what I said earlier about no episodes this season being boring. I really just wanted the show to move on to Cora being the big bad, not yet another "framed for murder" plot. Don't the writers have other stories to tell?

Still have next to no sympathy for Regina in either world, but I agree about the Charmings: they were super annoying. I think they must have dropped the whole thing about Emma's ability to tell when people were lying, because I was asking the exact same question. I got bored with Hook after his first episode, honestly, so I don't pay much attention to what he's doing. I assume he's still on his quest for revenge against Rumpelstiltskin?

I'm relieved Archie is still alive, because he's one of my favorites. I just really hope this stupid Regina plot doesn't drag on forever.


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