Feb. 8th, 2013


Feb. 8th, 2013 08:36 pm
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I had a somewhat small seizure Wednesday (around 11:30). It was odd. I haven't had a noticeable seizure (like not partial and small) in three years or so. Usually my seizures are at night and more often than not they are grand mal. But, on Wednesday: I suddenly felt like I might be ill, so I told my co-workers I was going to the back for a moment and they asked what was wrong. I just suddenly started sobbing and said I thought I was having a seizure. I felt like I was shaking and went on sobbing for several minutes. Several coworkers were very kind about it, and my mother came and got me. On Thursday I was ready to get back to work, when I felt my legs and arms shaking - only they weren't moving. I also stared off for several moments three times that morning. I think they were 'after shocks' of the other seizure. Today I'm very sleepy and a bit confused - I can barely recall Wednesday and have been told I said a few 'weird' things this morning. (Not even asking what I said. I know a guy who asks for a tomato after his seizures.)

I have an appointment with my doctor on the 20th. I spoke with his NP on Wednesday and was basically told: "You should have gone to the ER. Just take your meds. He may want to up your dosage." Dude! I take 1,200 MGs of this drug a day. I've been taking it for eight years. I haven't had blood work in five. I've never had a seizure like this before. (Three years ago, I was found crying in the bathroom around 2 in the morning - three weeks later I had a grand mal at night; I was alone and was very lucky I didn't do more than break a closet door and bruise my leg (a fan fell on it))Because it was during the day (haven't had that in 11 years) and because it was so odd - uncontrollable sobbing and my body felt like it was shaking and there was an unsteady balance and some confusion - I'd really love blood tests and even an EKG.

But the worst part? It's a bit of a waiting game for me. I need to know why it happened. Was it because I skipped two pills with in a week? Am I growing immune to the meds? The stress of the job? Or something worse. And when will the next one happen, because with me - it always comes in twos, usually three weeks to a month apart.


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