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I bring an original supernatural/sci-fi story. The story is about four people who are just trying to find what they want in their world.

The story centers on a group of five people, who are all trying to find what they want in the world. Maggie Quinn awoke in a cement cell years ago. Now, she's taken care of by Douglas Andrews, a man whose given up everything in order to care for Maggie. The two live together with Simon Turner, a 20-something just trying to get his life back on track. Everything seems to be going well for the threesome, until the arrive of mysterious James Warren. Oh, and did I mention Simon's a werewolf, Warren's a vampire, and Maggie's. . .well, over three hundred years old?

Maggie Quinn - Her first memories are of her waking up in a stone prison, with no windows or doors. This as in the 1700s. She stayed trapped in there for a hundred years. And was saved by Richard Whitman. Since then, his family has taken care of her. Maggie doesn't age, doesn't sleep or eat or drink, doesn't have an oder, as no memories before 1700s, and can't be around normal people - she can see their future deaths, and it is physically painful. The Whitman - now Andrews - family has one person take care of Maggie since the 1700s. Basically, he/she is a gloried babysitter. Except, Maggie more or less kills them after 25 years, because she may/may not feed off their soul. Maggie wants to find out whom or what she is, how she came to be, where she came from, etc.

Douglas Andrews - is in his late 30s, and has been Maggie's "Keeper" for the last 12 years. Taking care of Maggie means he has a great immune system, but he's also slowly dying and not allowed to have a real life - no friends, no wife, no girlfriends, and no children. He's the only "normal" person Maggie can stand being around. I image Douglas as a very normal man, who was pulled into the supernatural world, though not totally against his will. He lives his life for Maggie, and has become harder and less humane. He works low paying jobs, and tries to pretend that everything is fine. But, that changes when he falls in love. It's then that he has to decide if he really wants to stay with Maggie - he could break their bond, but then they wouldn't be able to interact anymore- or follow his heart. .

Simon Turner is in his mid-twenties and has recently become a werewolf. Because he's supernatural, Maggie can stand being around him. He was found in Douglas and Maggie's backyard after his first transformation. They agreed to take him in, so Douglas could show him the ropes. Simon is a bit insecure, so he tries to cover it up by being rude. He sees Douglas and Maggie as his family now, and tries to protect them. But, he's also rather young and looking for a place to truly belong. He's thinking of looking for a cure for his new "infection" but he's not sure if he likes what he finds.

Henrietta "Henry" Harker - is in her late-twenties and is a totally normal human. I image her as the Arthur Dent of the group. A normal person thrust into the world of supernatural, almost against her will. She is the object of affection for Andrews, leading to issues for Maggie and Simon. She's a young professional, and doesn't believe in any of the things she's currently dealing with. Maggie says Henry "special", though what that means has yet to be determined.

James Warren - is a vampire that is over 100 years old. He's rather young, but he's already got a dangerous reputation in the supernatural world. He strikes up a friendship with Simon - showing the young man all the right ways to have a good time. This annoys Douglas, who sees Warren as dangerous. Warren states that if he drank Maggie's blood, he'd never have to drink blood again, but so far Maggie's not very interested. Warren begins to drive a wedge between Douglas and Simon, by being the "cool" guy that Simon wants to be like, much to Douglas' dismay. Warren also drives a wedge between Douglas and Maggie, by telling Maggie that Douglas wants to leave her to have a normal life with Henry.

Life Energy – Maggie apparently feeds off Andrews’.

Supernaturally Delicious and Nutritious – Warren says Maggie’s blood is this.

The Arthur Dent – Henry doesn’t believe in supernatural things; they turn out to be real, and she’s the normal one of the group.

The Woobie – Everyone at one time or another, but mostly Maggie and Simon.

Our Vampires Are Different

Our Werewolves Are Different

Break the Cutie – Maggie, Henry, Andrews, and Simon are all broken at one time or another.

Mood Dissonance – Andrews tries very hard to make Maggie feel like everyone else; Maggie tries to, but sometimes the mood is destroyed: “Today someone came to the door. I think they were religious types. I went to open the door, but I could hear it. . .I could see it. . .their fates. So, I went and did the dishes instead.”

Battle in the center of the mind – Warren vs. his vampire nature. Sort of.

I Do Not Drink Wine – Maggie doesn’t eat or drink – ever.

I Uh You Too – If Maggie calls you her ‘friend’, it means she loves you.

Maggie: You are my very bestest friend.
Andrews: You are. . .good at making tea.

Romantic Runnerup

Beware the Nice Ones – Do not piss Maggie off; just don’t.

The Aloner – Maggie was locked, alone, in a stone prison – with no doors or windows – for over a hundred years.

Audience Surrogate – Henry mentions the craziness of the supernatural.

Beta Couple

Deadpan Snarker – Simon, Warren, sometimes Andrews.

The Watson – Henry

MetaGuy – Simon and sometimes Henry

The Caretaker – Andrews is this for Maggie

The Ophelia – Maggie, for a while.

Adorkable –Maggie, sometimes. Simon, when he’s not being a jerk.

Anti Hero - Warren

Noodle Incident – Several, most notably between Maggie, Simon, and Andrews

The Atoner - Warren

Badass – Warren

Bad Dreams – Simon has bad dreams of when he was made into a werewolf.

Bookworm Badass - Andrews

Bi the Way – Warren has mentioned that he’s “spent time with lots of people”

Former Teen Rebel – Andrews was apparently quite the rebel in his youth.

Hidden Depths

Spot of Tea – Andrews is always asking Maggie to make him tea.

I Just Want to Be Normal – Maggie wants to be normal, more specifically, she wants to age and die.


Blatant Lies – Usually said by Simon or Andrews in regard to where Maggie is or why they aren’t bringing her food. Usually said to Henry.

Fur Against Fangs

Glamour Failure – Warren has no reflection in mirrors. He also doesn’t show up on camera.

Platonic Life Partners – Maggie and Andrews

Last Name Basis – James Warren; Douglas Andrews – though Maggie calls him Douglas.

Meaningful Name – Andrews is like Andrew, who was the brother of St. Peter in the bible. Simon was St. Peter’s original name. Maggie is short for Magdalena.

Non-Action-Guy – Simon

Painful Transformation –Turning into a werewolf causes your organs to grow and change – causing organ failures, seizures (sometimes), and even heart attacks.

Pinocchio Syndrome

Really Seven Hundred Years Old – James Warren looks to be in his late twenties, but is really over a hundred years old; Maggie Quinn looks to be in her twenties, but has been around since the 1700s.

Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness

Stranger with Age

Supernatural Angst

I Gave my Word – Andrews wants a normal life, but he gave his word that he would be Maggie’s Keeper and more importantly friend. This leads to much angst.

Honor Before Reason – Andrews, when he lets Warren live with them.

Dark is not Evil

Light is not Good

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Heroin – Warren says Maggie’s blood is this.

Love Triangle – Simon likes Henry; Andrews likes Henry; Henry likes. . .someone.

Manipulative Bastard – Warren and sometimes Andrews.

My Friends and . . .Zoidberg - When Andrews talks about his ‘family’: “I want to protect the people I care about. . .and Warren. Maybe Warren.”


Maggie Quinn - The woman who would become Maggie Quinn wakes up in her new home

Douglas Andrews - Andrews meets Maggie Quinn

Simon Turner - Simon Turner meets Maggie and Andrews

James Warren - Once upon a time, James Warren met a woman, and she told him when he would die. Years later, after his death, he sees her again

Henry Harker - Henry Harker watches Andrews and Simon. But, it's not like she's stalking him or anything.

Set One:

Story One: Here

Part One - A normal start to a normal day in the lives of three abnormal people (Maggie;Andrews; Simon;Henry)

Part Two - The day goes on (Warren;Simon;Andrews;Maggie;Henry)

Part Three - The day ends (Andrews;Maggie;Simon;Warren)

Story Two: For the Restless

Part One - House meeting! Warren is a vampire. wait, vampires are real? (Andrews;Warren;Maggie;Simon)

Part Two - Andrews and Henry set up a 'not-a-date'. Simon asks Warren about werewolves and their relationships with vampires - and it's not all good news. (Henry;Andrews;Simon;Maggie;Warren)

Part Three - Andrews and Henry have their "non-date". Maggie and Warren discuss their shared past and his 'addiction'. Simon worries. (Simon;Maggie;Warren;Andrews;Henry)

Story Three: Karaoke Soul

Part One - Warren meets a mysterious friend to discuss ‘The Magdalene’. Simon tries to apologize to Henry; Henry catches Andrews stealing from the university(Simon;Maggie;Warren;Andrews;Henry)

Part Two - Warren finds Maggie after her "go away" state, and the two bond. Andrews tells Simon about his idea for a family vacation (Maggie;Warren;Simon;Andrews)

Story Four: Somewhere Else to Be

Part One -Andrews gives Maggie sedatives, and they don't work in the way they should. Simon worries about what the sedatives are doing to Maggie. Henry meets Andrews for a drink. (Maggie;Warren;Simon;Andrews;Henry)

Part Two - Simon wants Andrews to come home, but Andrews has that tunnel-vision. Warren tries to keep Maggie, whose slowly falling apart, calm. (Simon;Andrews;Maggie;Warren)

Story Five: Everything Has Changed

Part One - Maggie makes Warren promise to tell no one about her spitting up blood. She confesses that Andrews had been gone a lot the past month and she’s feeling weaker. Simon rents a moving van to bring Maggie on the family trip (Maggie;Warren;Simon;Andrews;Henry)

Part 2 - Simon rents a moving van to bring Maggie on the family trip. At the cottage, Maggie sees the outside world for the first time in over a hundred years. Andrews returns home to find it empty. (Maggie;Warren;Simon;Andrews;Henry)


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